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Click to call me back: improving your website

In the past, the virtual PBX was just a program for telemarketers. Now, these tools have evolved into integral assistants for business telemarketing and customer service at all levels. The most innovative software has solutions for management via text messaging, email and even for improving the business website. This is precisely what happens with the «click to call me back» module.

The Internet has become a space that companies need to embrace. Social media and the website are the two fundamental tools to gain exposure and get new customers. The «click to call me back» button allows contacting a greater number of people through the business site.

What is click to call me back?


click to call me back

The click to call me back module is a button designed for the web page. It is installed on the business or commercial site. Its function is to offer a much more direct way to communicate with the company.

If a consumer interested in a product or service browses the web page, they can use this button to request information in a more direct way. Basically, the button opens a box where the user leaves his or her telephone number so that an agent can contact him or her.

From here, this information is registered so that an operator can contact the person. In this way, another channel for business communication is opened through the web page. This is a resource that generates greater possibilities for making sales. It does not matter if the enterprise sells products, or if it offers a service.

The problem of commercial websites

There is no doubt about the importance of digital portals in the development of any commercial activity. Basically, this element allows the company to have a constant presence on the network. However, many portals simply offer some kind of information and do not easily encourage communication with potential customers.

Many web pages remain on the Internet and over time do not even show updated information about the company. Sometimes, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers are provided and they are not active. The result of this is that customers think that the company is not operating, because it has no way to communicate effectively.

Many websites end up becoming cyber museums of companies. This is so, despite the fact that many times they are fully operational. This is when the website goes from being a showcase to becoming an obstacle. The objective of presence on the Internet is to get more customers and facilitate communication with them.

What is needed to install click to call me back?

Click to call me back is similar to many other website plugins. Its programming is simple and does not require the installation of software or anything similar. Basically, an expert is in charge of placing the button on one of the pages of the business site. This is done very quickly and everything is taken care of by the contracted company, which in this case would be Neotel.

To have a click to call me back you only need to have a web page dedicated to commerce. It doesn’t matter which platform or type of site the entrepreneur has. It also works very well on personal pages, a blog, or even a digital store. Everything is handled by a simple programming.

Once the application is installed, customers can view it and enter their phone numbers to be contacted. From here, the entrepreneur or an operator will be able to review the contacts he has and quickly call potential customers who have requested it.

What does click to call me back bring to the company?

The first thing that click to call me back achieves is instantaneous communication with customers. If a person came to the company’s website and was interested in the product, he will leave his number and the agent can call him right away. The faster this call happens, the higher the chances of closing the sale.

Click to call me back can be understood as an opener of commercial opportunities. In marketing it is understood that the more channels for customer-salesperson interaction there are, the greater the chances of getting more sales.

In addition, the relevant use of this type of plugins generates empathy with the customer as long as the calls are returned. It is very different to call a person who has not asked for it, than to call an interested user. Calling back implies that the company wants to listen to its potential customer. All this generates better conditions to close business.

Recommendations when installing the click to call me back

In principle, it is essential to place the click to call me back in a visible part of the web page. It can be very helpful to place it on the contact page. Many companies manage to stand out from their competitors by installing the button in that section. This is because most of the sites, only place their numbers and emails, or forms that are rarely answered.

Once the button is installed, it is important that someone is dedicated to return calls. It is feasible to assign a single agent to be dedicated to this task in the case of companies with a call center. Those entrepreneurs who have a small business or a digital store, can make the calls personally.

The faster the calls are returned, the higher the chances of closing the sale. This is because those who usually leave their phone number are usually people who are looking for the product offered. The chances of getting business are greater when the person shows more interest. If they don’t get a response, they are likely to look for another company to fulfill their need.

Of course, it is also important to have a website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and with relevant content. By creating an excellent site that shows the advantages of the services and products promoted, we will increase the chances of winning customers through the click to call me back button.

Virtual PBX: beyond the phone call

It is understood that the call center PBX is usually a tool for managing business telephone communication. In the past, this tool made it possible to connect to different telephone devices and create large customer service rooms. However, today’s virtual PBX, although born from this concept, has evolved into a comprehensive product.

The virtual PBX went from integrating different telephone devices to bringing together different communication methods. Its modules and functionalities integrate fax, text messaging, video calls, email and also the web page. To be sure, these programs should be understood more as business communication managers.

Today’s PBX is designed to promote telemarketing and generate business opportunities. In fact, its concept involves going beyond typical telesales calls. To this end, it provides entrepreneurs with modules that enable them to achieve greater reach. This is the case, for example, with modules such as the robot call or the sending of bulk SMS to customers. Likewise, click to call also fosters better opportunities to generate profits.

The click to call me back button generates telesales calls that are requested by the customer, more sales and better customer appreciation. In turn, this module is also likely to better position the website in relation to competitors. This is a direct consequence of the availability and instantaneousness that the installation of this add-on implies.

Neotel offers you its click to call me back button

Neotel offers its call me back module for business websites, online stores and professional sites. No matter what type of business the entrepreneur has, this add-on will expand the company’s range of action and possibilities to sell. Customers do not need to install complicated programs to have this add-on.

Neotel’s IT experts take care of programming the click to call me back according to the standards of the contracting company. In addition, this button can also be installed in emails, blogs or videos. In this way, the customer can open the communication from multiple platforms in cyberspace.

The click to call me back button is available for companies that work with our call center switchboard and for all those who wish to hire it. The cost of this button is only 25 euros per month, being one of the most competitive prices in the market.

Our click to call me back application is functional and has an attractive design. Undoubtedly, this is another module that allows to promote communication with the user. Neotel has the most innovative virtual switchboard, with all the modules and functionalities necessary to maximize the commercial reach.