Telemarketing surveys: perfect for measuring customer satisfaction

Surveys are an evergreen means of data collection. While everything is in a constant state of flux, the work of surveying customers and consumers continues to go from strength to strength. What has changed drastically is the way in which surveys are conducted. Today, one of the best ways to do this is telemarketing surveys, which are conducted over the phone and without any hassle.

Of course, this is not the old trick of calling customers to ask tedious questions. Nowadays, having a call center switchboard service allows you to do this in a much more automatic, simple and hassle-free way. Right now, you will see how customer satisfaction can be measured to obtain information of strategic value. You will also see how Neotel’s telemarketing surveys work.

Telemarketing surveys: ask any question

telemarketing surveys

The opinion of a company’s direct customers is a priority. So much so, that this information is crucial to carry out commercial strategies that boost user consumption. Knowing these opinions, companies can create new products, make offers and change fundamental aspects of their products and services. The goal will always be to sell more than before and have more consumers.

Precisely, telemarketing surveys are a great ally to know the opinions of customers. With this tool, it is possible to ask for example «What is the customer’s favorite product?», or «What would they think of a service with x characteristics?» All this implies precisely knowing the satisfaction and preferences of users. Any question about products and services will generate useful information for the company.

Similarly, you can ask about what things users do not like about the products and services. For this, some options are used and placed in telemarketing surveys. The good news is that this service allows companies to give alternatives to answer the questions. Have you never answered or used this service with any company? Right now, we will explain how it works.

Telemarketing surveys in the IVR

When a customer calls a company with a call center switchboard, he usually encounters an interactive system. This is the one that welcomes the caller, asks for the customer’s basic data and leads him through the telephone options. This implementation is known as IVR or Interactive Voice Response system. It is an important part of any company’s telephone service.

Precisely, the IVR is the implement in which telemarketing surveys are placed. In fact, this is a system that allows the insertion of voiceovers of all kinds. The interesting thing here is that you can also add options for customers to answer by dialing their keypad.

For example, if in a survey a company wants to ask its customers «What do you think would improve our services?», the options could be 1: «Better costs» 2: «More alternatives» or 3: «More discounts».  What users will have to do is simply use their numeric keypad and dial the number of the answer they want. If, for example, a person prefers «better costs», he/she will only have to press the number «1».

Obtain quality information without generating nuisances

The best thing is that companies will not have to call their customers to execute telemarketing surveys. In fact, it is the users themselves who, when calling, will come across the questions and answer them at some point during the call. This can occur at the beginning or at the end of the telephone contact with the company. Similarly, inquiries can be made while the customer is on hold.

In addition, listening and answering such a question usually takes no more than a minute. Everything is very simple and customers will feel that their opinion is heard by the company. This is much better than calling people at home and conducting telephone surveys. The immediacy of telemarketing surveys via virtual switchboard makes customers want to participate and this is a priority to get legitimate answers.

In this sense, Neotel’s call center PBX is designed to host telemarketing surveys with ease. In other words, to have this useful tool, all you have to do is purchase our software in one of our plans. Each entrepreneur will be able to change the survey as many times as he/she wants and our program will present the data obtained in a simple way. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best complements of our program and it is at your fingertips.