Telemarketing surveys: Involve your customers!

If there is one thing that has become fashionable thanks to the Internet, it is consulting people about basically anything. Consumer opinion now counts more than ever and ensuring channels for this is very positive. On the one hand, customers give their opinions and on the other, companies take note to improve their products and offers. To do this, telemarketing surveys are excellent. Certainly, social networks offer some effective mechanisms to achieve fluid communication with customers and users. Some of them even allow you to conduct surveys, although in a very limited way. In contrast, call center tools offer much more flexibility, freedom and a source of useful information to carry out efficient commercial strategies and thus increase sales.

Telemarketing surveys What are they?

telemarketing surveys

Companies that use a virtual PBX have the advantage of having an IVR. This is basically the interactive system that we all hear when we call a bank. This automation asks us for data that we usually enter using the numeric keypad and leads us through the different departments. Precisely, this system also allows companies to place some content. When a person calls a service company, he/she usually hears advertisements and promotions. This is because the IVR allows to place voice messages of all kinds. And just as a promotion can be incorporated, telemarketing surveys can also be placed. Likewise, just as a customer can provide data at the beginning of a call, they can also answer questions via the keypad. Telemarketing surveys are voicemail messages that can be incorporated into the IVR. When the customer calls a company, he will listen to them and answer them in less than 5 seconds, using his keypad. All the information is stored so that it can later be reviewed by the business owners. This is important, considering that customer information is often vital to create better products, services and offers.

What can be asked in telemarketing surveys?

Virtual PBX telemarketing surveys allow you to ask customers about anything. A good way to find out what users think is to ask if they like the attention they get when they call the company. This is just the beginning of what can be achieved with call center tools. From here, you can make any type of opinion inquiry that may be considered necessary by a company. For example, it is feasible to ask which is the product that customers consume the most. In this way, offers or similar products can be created to increase the consumption of the most frequent users. It is also possible to ask about aspects that can be improved in the services or in the company itself. In this way, it is possible to find out what weaknesses the company has that consumers perceive and that could be improved in some way. The most successful companies take into account the opinions of their customers because there is information in them. In turn, this type of data holds the key to improving business strategies that will enable them to stand up to the competition. It could be said that telemarketing surveys is where the strategic plans of companies begin to achieve their rise. At Neotel we guarantee a practical, effective and innovative way to get to know your customers better.

Neotel: We have different prices for virtual PBXs

Having call center tools, an IVR and the rest of options for business communication is very simple nowadays. To do so, you only need to hire the virtual switchboard service, which we offer at Neotel. This does not require large installations or equipment, since the entire system works through the Internet and is as easy as managing a social network. The best thing is that any entrepreneur can have this type of technology with a modest investment. At Neotel we have different prices for virtual PBX. In fact, we organize the service in plans and each customer can choose the one that suits him best in terms of money. Each entrepreneur can choose the level of services he needs according to his possibilities and needs. It should be noted that we have many add-ons to improve marketing and customer service. All services are scalable and there are plans for all types of businesses. Telemarketing surveys are just one of the add-ons we have for today’s businesses. When it comes to selling more, at Neotel we have a wide range of tools that will help any company, regardless of their product or experience. Those who are interested in the virtual switchboard can contact us.