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Non-traditional business mobile rates: An option for entrepreneurs

The bidding among telephone companies to attract new customers is increasingly fierce. This represents a great opportunity for users because better plans and offers are always appearing. Of course, this competition is useless if people, and especially companies, do not study their purchase decision well. Choosing the best mobile tariffs can save us a lot of money and make us receive a little more, giving a little less.

It is clear that telecommunications are very important in the business world. Basically, all companies require a telephone operator to be able to guarantee the communication flow. Unfortunately, in many companies and enterprises, this factor is not analyzed as much as it should be.

An obsolete model


Mobile Rates

Most companies maintain their internal and external communication system in much the same way. This means setting up an expensive data center, hiring a staff of engineers to maintain it, and agreeing with a telephone firm to guarantee a general service. The companies that offer communication know this reality and have plans to convince entrepreneurs.

Traditional telephone companies in particular have benefited from this commercial formula. Unfortunately, it is difficult to verify exactly whether the amount is fair or cheap, compared to other options. Nor is there an analytical culture around this type of contracting in most companies.

In fact, the first step to reduce operating costs a little is to analyze the different mobile tariffs on the market. Just doing this is a very important step for the finances of any enterprise. To tell the truth, in Europe and Spain there is a wide range of plans adapted to the needs of all customers.

Traditional phone companies are not the only option

Traditional telephone companies seem to be a constant in the thinking of business managers. There is a strange idea that companies with more time and reputation in the market are the best. In truth, experience often has its advantages and it is understandable to play it safe. However, it is much better to take a look at the new business telephony proposals.

However, in the telecommunications area, the premise of «better the devil you know than the good you don’t know» is not always true. It is important to remember that competition in this sector is currently very high. This has motivated countless companies to improve their plans and rates.

One of the big problems of traditional telephone companies is that they tend not to change their business model. Being well known and renowned, they forget a bit about the need to improve their prices and services. They tend not to change because they have a favorable commercial position. On the other hand, many new or non-traditional companies have to make an effort and offer cheaper mobile tariffs in order to grow. This makes them even more attractive.

Study the market rates

The best way to save a little money is to study the mobile tariffs on the market. To do this, you have to pay attention to many variables. Certainly, it will be important to verify how many minutes and data they offer per month and for how much money. However, this analysis involves checking other aspects about the offer of each telephone company.

It is always advisable to compare the cheapest mobile tariffs and weigh up which is the best. However, more than the tariff, there are other aspects to evaluate. For example, reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract is usually fundamental. In this sense, the entrepreneur should emphasize the permanence, which is usually better when it is fixed for fewer months.

Of course, it is also vital to obtain some references regarding the quality of the service. Here it is important to ask questions such as: Does the Internet connection work well? Does the company offer good coverage? Are the calls heard with the right quality? In reality, there are quite inexpensive proposals on the market that offer poor communication.

Tips when choosing mobile tariffs

Entrepreneurs and businessmen should be careful when choosing the cheapest mobile tariffs. Gathering as much information as possible allows you to make the right decisions. Here are some tips when choosing your tariff:

Little permanence: The problem with permanence is that, if you choose a company with bad service, you will not be able to switch to another and you will have to keep paying. Breaking this clause is usually costly, which will turn the matter into a headache. In addition, while this provision lasts, the telephone company can raise prices indiscriminately and the customer can do nothing, as long as the contractual commitment is maintained.
Consultation forums: Sometimes it is very difficult to check the quality of a telephone service without first paying for it and using it. However, understanding that in Spain there is a permanence clause, the best thing to do is to look for as much information as possible. In this sense, it is always feasible to search in Internet forums for opinions of other users about the most profitable companies.
Look for the most innovative ones: There are many telecommunications companies that are oriented differently from the traditional ones. For example, some develop products and services inspired by new technologies such as IP telephony. In fact, this is an excellent solution to reduce costs.

IP telephony: Keeping operating costs as low as possible

Not all telecommunications companies offer only mobile tariffs. In fact, some companies are more oriented towards offering communication solutions to freelancers and companies. This is the case of Neotel, whose main product is telemarketing software and migration to IP telephony. In this case, the service involves offering a cheaper, more modern and functional communications system.

IP telephony is a great option for business communication because communicating over the Internet is cheaper. It also means no longer relying on traditional telephone companies that offer somewhat expensive business plans. The migration to this technology is very simple and does not require many physical installations or high investments.

Any type of company can take advantage of installing a virtual PBX and adapting telephones to work with the Internet. It is much more expensive to buy servers and set up a data center than to pay for software and a few minor items to adapt desk phones to work over broadband. In addition to this, Neotel also offers its mobile tariffs designed for each company’s needs.

Important: choose a tariff that suits your business

The problem when choosing a telephone company is not only what it offers. It is also closely related to what each particular company needs. Business mobile communication plans should always be chosen with this in mind.

By choosing in this perspective, it is possible that some plans that seemed inconvenient may be better than you thought. In the case of large and medium-sized companies, it is very likely that unlimited mobile tariffs will be chosen. This is because the flow of calls and Internet connections is usually demanding in this type of environment. Of course, each phone company has its own prices, benefits and conditions.

As with any tariff, unlimited mobile tariffs should be analyzed on the basis of what has been described so far. Price, quality of service and contractual conditions will have to be evaluated. Similarly, permanence is an issue that should not be overlooked.

Not all companies have the same needs

Just as large companies often opt for unlimited mobile tariffs, smaller companies may choose a less comprehensive plan. For example, a freelancer or a family business will not require an unlimited plan. Similarly, an entrepreneur who is just starting his business activity can start with simple and less expensive plans.

At Neotel we offer three types of mobile tariffs, designed for each type of entrepreneur. The client will choose according to his possibilities, needs and for this, it is important to know the impact of the economic activity performed. Of course, as the business grows, it is always possible to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan.

The advantage of Neotel’s rates is that there is no permanence clause. If the customer does not like the service, he can switch at any time to another operator, without paying anything. In addition, in our three plans the calls are unlimited. In addition, all internal calls between landlines and mobiles are fully covered within each plan.

In addition, you get innovative, high-performance telemarketing software. With this resource, not only will all dedicated telephones for customer service and telemarketing be unified. In fact, this tool also allows you to professionally handle calls made by your customers. The price of the virtual PBX will also depend on the type of plan chosen.