Why are companies using cloud video conferencing more?

Until recently, cloud-based videoconferencing was understood as a resource for informal family communication. However, the use of this technology has increased dramatically in the business world. The most recent studies and surveys agree that video calling has become a truly influential human practice.

However, in the case of companies, it is not enough to make video calls through a social network. When the purpose of the communication is commercial, the appropriate resources must be used. The objective is to generate trust and formality. To achieve this, companies can resort to the virtual switchboard, which has a special module for this activity. Now, do you know what videoconferencing and video calls in the cloud are useful for?

Business video calls: require other types of programs


video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

Anyone who thinks of a video call will think of social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp. However, these websites are far from offering a suitable environment for the work of a company. In fact, making a video call in the cloud from an entertainment platform is uphill, due to the limitations of these services.

Certainly, there are platforms designed specifically for business video calls. However, these also have certain limitations that are only improved by fairly expensive monthly fees. Some cost the same as a basic virtual PBX plan, which even offers telemarketing features and is much more versatile.

Modern call center software offers cloud-based video calling and video conferencing modules. This type of feature is just one of several that this type of program offers. In fact, this option is much more advantageous for companies and businesses for several reasons.

What is video calling in the virtual PBX cloud like?

Virtual PBX programs such as Neotel’s provide a web environment for their customers. This is usually done from the WebRTC line, the basis of all platforms with chat and video call modules, among others. However, the best thing about this is that each company has its own system for using this format for real-time conversations.

In addition, this virtual environment is designed to work with IP telephony. In fact, this is ideal for a business environment because in this environment special telephone devices are usually used for videoconferencing. An example of these are business desk phones with display and IP connection.

Of course, the virtual PBX and its cloud-based video conferencing module can be used from a computer or smartphone. In truth, all the employee needs to communicate with other colleagues or customers is a device with a broadband connection and digital camera. Of course, the application of video calls has various utilities within companies.

Working in times of emergency

The occurrence of the COVID 19 pandemic posed a very complicated work scenario. Faced with the quarantine, video calls and videoconferences became viable solutions to maintain study, work communication and commercial activity. This is how this tool gained prominence for companies and businesses.

Video calls have allowed many companies to continue their work without the need to be in person. Better yet, many professionals and freelancers have been able to generate income from the comfort of their homes thanks to video calling in the cloud. This has given greater validity to the use of the virtual switchboard in small businesses or those that do not have a call center.

Cloud-based video calling is now a tool that allows work to continue in times of emergency. However, the advantages that have been found in the use of this technology already place it as a frequent means of conducting meetings.

Easier and more productive business meetings

Many companies have found that using cloud-based videoconferencing has advantages over face-to-face meetings. Group video calls make it possible to bring people together who are not in the same location. In fact, this module is used by the most prestigious companies to make decisions involving a certain number of managers. This despite the fact that they are not all in the same city or country.

Another advantage of videoconferencing in the cloud is that meetings are more organized. The sole use of this tool implies establishing an order to give an opinion and avoids the problem of murmuring, typical of face-to-face events. This facilitates the dynamics and makes it possible to better organize work-related activities. According to some statistics, 94% of companies believe that video calls increase productivity.

Similarly, video calls make it possible to work better with non-contracted personnel. Today’s companies can work with specialists without offering permanent contracts. This makes it possible to reduce some hiring costs and to carry out collaborations or special jobs. From the cloud video call, instructions can be given and assignments can be properly tracked.

Cloud-based video calling: Improving customer relationships

Videoconferencing generates guarantees of trust in the clientele. This is because audio calls allow you to get to know the entrepreneur or agent in charge much better. The fact of being able to see the people with whom we are negotiating makes it much easier to close deals.

Nowadays there are companies that provide customer service through video calls. This medium is very positive in those tasks that involve self-management on the part of the customer. For example, the telephone agent of a cable TV company can give much clearer guidance to a user in the event of having to check a fault.

Even some retailers are using such tools to present their product catalogs. Of course, using the video call module of the virtual PBX gives more formality and credibility to the entrepreneur. Very positive feedback can be generated about the virtual PBX from the clientele.

It is a source of income

Those companies or entrepreneurs who are involved in education can take full advantage of video conferencing in the cloud. It does not matter what subject matter the entrepreneur masters, because there is always an audience for every learning experience.

In fact, many people generate extra income by teaching others their trade. For example, there are very successful salespeople who, in addition to marketing, teach other people about sales techniques. There is a whole market of consumers willing to pay for learning, or attention.

There are no limits to using video calling in the cloud as a source of income production. From tarotists, to sexologists, to psychologists can turn this module of call center software into a business in its own right. Even schools and other educational institutions are acquiring the virtual switchboard to operate during the pandemic.

Replacing other means of communication

Estimates suggest that video calling will replace the traditional voice call in the next few years. This trend will not only be adopted by companies, but will also be driven by them when offering their services. According to recent studies, 89% of people believe that video calling and video conferencing in the cloud allows them to feel more connected.

In addition, the rate of people preferring to make video calls has risen to 87%, up from about three years ago. Video calling enables feelings that are no longer possible through a traditional phone call. Some of these are emotional connection, engagement, trust, transparency and concentration.

It should be noted that all these sensations are fundamental both in the commercial area and in work environments. In other words, they facilitate the internal work of companies and the action of offering and selling products or services. For this reason, projections are clearly in favor of video calls, understanding that the Internet is becoming more and more widespread worldwide.

Neotel’s cloud-based videoconferencing module

Neotel’s virtual PBX is one of the most practical, functional and fastest on the market. This service goes far beyond simply having the ability to make video calls and video conferencing in the cloud.

Neotel’s module allows recording video calls made with customers or employees. In this way, the company keeps a record of incoming and outgoing video calls. Video calls can even be transferred to facilitate effective communication.

The cloud-based video call module is completely free for entrepreneurs who purchase our virtual PBX. It doesn’t matter if the customer purchases the most basic plan, they will still have this innovative tool. There are excellent opinions on the Internet about Neotel’s virtual pbx and its operation. Those who contract the service can count on the support, quality and assistance of our work team.