What benefits does an international virtual number bring to my business and how to get one?

The subscription price of a virtual international number depends on the VoIP operator with whom it is under contract and the country. It does not cost a virtual international number of one country as much as another.

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Benefits of Using Virtual International Numbers

Virtual international numbers bring many benefits to businesses, the most important of which is to increase sales in countries where you want to open a market.

número internacional virtual

1. Reduce call costs for the company

Companies that typically make calls to other countries generally save a lot of money when they switch to IP telephony. IP telephony operators generally have much lower rates.

Virtual international numbers operate over VoIP (VoIP) and serve both to make and broadcast calls.

2. Reduce costs for the customer

The cost of calling another country means that companies do not want to open their markets abroad. With a virtual international number, it is no longer a problem. You can make and receive calls with any country at a much cheaper price.

3. Increase phone contacts

If phone calls play an important role in your business, entering other international markets can be the big push you are looking for. Hiring a virtual international number will help that.

Customers are much more likely to call a local number than a number from another country for one simple reason: calling another country can be very expensive!

4. Inspire confidence

By using a country phone number, you trust your potential customers. Customers are more likely to contact a local business.

5. Propose a local image

When a customer is considering hiring a product or service, seeing that there is a local phone number in many situations gives them peace of mind. Thinking that you are dealing with a local business always inspires more confidence.

6. Increase sales

The increase in sales in this country is the most important benefit of all this list.

Normally these virtual international numbers are usually used by a softphone or IP phone.

With Neotel you and your company can operate, physically from Spain, but with numbers from any country.

Virtual international numbers operate over the Internet instead of cables.

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Build trust in customers outside of Spain, get a local image, sell more, etc. These are just a few of the goals that are achieved by contracting a virtual international number with Neotel.