What is VoIP (Voice over IP) and how does it work?

When hiring a supplier of switchboards, the ideal for the customer is to test the operation of this before having to pay anything. At Neotel, all our customers receive a test of our PBX via VoIP for 1 month. What are you waiting for to contact Neotel?

How VoIP telephony works

The main advantage of VoIP telephony is that with this it is no longer necessary for workers to be physically located in the same place. With VoIP telephony our employees can carry out their work from anywhere in the world, just as if they were in the same physical space.

centralita voip

On the other hand, thanks to the possibility of obtaining a geographical number, with VoIP telephony the worker can be found in any country in the world and when he makes a call, a telephone with a prefix of the same country will appear on the recipient’s screen. him, giving with this an image of closeness.

In addition, we must emphasize that this type of Telephony services are always cheaper for companies than using traditional and old telephony.

Benefits of VoIP calls

To be able to make calls with Voice over IP all we need is an Internet connection.

The main difference with traditional telephony is that, with the Voice of IP, communications are transmitted over the Internet, and not through telephone cables.

With this article we hope that the differences and advantages of Voice over IP with respect to traditional telephony have become clearer. More and more companies are migrating their old and expensive Telephony systems with Neotel. If you need to resolve any doubts about the rates of contracting Voz IP with Neotel, call us now and we will be happy to assist you.