What are the advantages of automatic dialling and what does it mean?

Both progressive and predictive dialing offer a number of advantages to businesses. These are just a few of them:

– Greater success in sales: Thanks to the predictive dialer is easier to reach customers more likely to purchase the service or product and therefore increase our sales.

– Optimization of human resources: Thanks to the predictive dialer the company ensures that agents will be talking more time with customers. It eliminates the time previously spent on manual dialing and waiting.

– Effectiveness of calls: First of all because we can remove from the database customers that we know beforehand are not interested in our products and / or receive commercial calls.

There are many advantages of automatic dialling

Progressive Dialing: Less aggressive than predictive dialing and ideal for companies with 20 agents or less. Here, too, the agent does not dial numbers manually and the system detects and discards unanswered and busy phones. So in the end the agents only receive calls when the customer is on the other side of the line.

– Predictive Dialing: This type of dialing generates an algorithm that calculates the volume of calls needed to increase productivity. It is advisable for companies that have more than 20 agents in their call center, since the larger the human team, the more productive this system will be. If it is used in small campaigns, with few employees, we run the risk that the customer picks up the phone and there is no one on the other side of the line. So we’ll miss the call.



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Call dialing software allows companies to be more productive.


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Thanks to automatic launcher systems, call center costs are lowered. And it is obvious that by increasing the productivity of our company we are at the same time lowering the costs in it.

The sending of calls in a company is a task that involves a large investment not only in time but also human resources and money.