Our tools for call center are one of the star products of Neotel

Call Center Tools


  1. Calls with automated dialing based on a database.
  2. Different levels of administration: Agent and supervisor.
  3. Real-time listening and recording of calls from any of the agents.
  4. Powerful call finder
  5. Supervisor access to updated reports and statistics to measure efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.
  6. Call queue monitoring in real time. Viewing the status of telemarketers. Possibility of actions in real time on calls both in text mode on the screen and in direct communication with the agent.
  7. Delivery of answered calls. It transfers quickly to the free agents called previously connected to avoid losses of time.
  8. Collaborative campaigns Strategic planning of marketing campaigns with several agents on a database and call register.
  9. Campaigns with interactive IVR. Launching of answered calls with a voice response in order that the potential client interacts in different ways. Possibility later to transfer the call to an agent.


There are differences between the predictive dialer, the progressive dialer and the robot call.

Neotel offers the solution of combining a software for Call Centers in the cloud with the best switchboard in the market. They are powerful tools for Telemarketing with customized packages.

The client can choose two modules: Progressive or Predictive Marker.

Predictive dialer

Predictive dialing software that can determine how many agents will be available to pick up calls made at a given time.

It is a tool that supports efficient performance in the Call Center through a substantial increase in live connections. Our Predictive dialer ensures that Agents connect with real people, which translates into more productive time.

Predictive dialing is often used in call centers. Tool designed to automatically make calls progressively and / or predictively, which maximizes the cost through an increase in the efficiency of use of the agents’ time.

With good tools, a call center can double the productivity of outgoing telemarketing operators.

A predictive dialer is a very powerful tool used by Call Centers. Basically it is an application that allows the automatic and massive dialing of a list of telephone numbers using algorithms to reduce the time that agents spend on hold and at the same time minimize the number of calls that are answered and can not be answered by an agent.

The difference between one predictive dialer and another is how far the operators’ productivity can go up.

A Predictive Marker increases the number of contacts of your agents, increasing their productivity. It reduces waiting times between calls and minimizes the number of calls that are not answered.

The difference between an automatic dialer and a predictive dialer, is that the latter keeps track of all calls and statistically predicts when a free operator is going to remain, and when to make the call and how many calls to make. As the campaign progresses, it collects data from the calls that are being made and modifies its statistical criteria to suit the duration of the call, the probability of success, etc.

Predictive dialing is one of the most widely used automatic dialing options, and Neotel offers the most complete set of predictive dialing capabilities in the market.

In the telemarketing campaigns, from a database, we try to contact by telephone with as many people as possible, to carry out a survey, call for a seminar, teleshopping, etc.

Predictive dialers allow call centers to algorithmically predict when agents will be available and how long it takes to answer calls. This process allows agents to obtain more live connections, significantly increasing their productivity.

Predictive markers can be used to support multiple simultaneous sales and marketing campaigns. Applications for predictive dialing vary widely.

Progressive marker

The progressive dialer is an automatic call launcher sequentially; that is, it performs the marking and is directly addressed to the agent.

System that automatically performs outgoing calls and transfers the attended calls to the agents, without approval to it.

In the progressive mode, the agent does not intervene in the dialing of the calls since they are automatically made, but the difference is that when the consumer answers, the agent will always be online. If the system is well programmed and planned, it can be very productive and efficient, achieving good results, because it allows to discriminate the types of response of the call, for example faxes, voice mailboxes, numbers that do not exist, etc. In addition, the conversation time of each operator is less so that the level of stress is also lower, making the procedures more effective. The progressive mode is ideal for telephone sales campaigns, so it is the most used in these cases. Like the Predictive Markers, the Progressive Markers are able to detect all types of events during calls, until getting to find a client available and apt to be communicated with our Agent.

This type of dialing calls when there is an agent available, being less aggressive than a predictor with its contacts but at the same time it has all the advantages of the detection of busy lines.

Progressive markers are usually very appropriate for Centers with low or moderate volume of calls, where they would not be able to gather enough information to reach reliable statistics.

Robot call

A practical case of using the Neotel Robot Call is when a company needs to give a specific message to a list of clients, so it passes the database with them to the Robot Call, records the corresponding message, and the system starts to call all customers simultaneously. As explained before, if necessary, there is an option for interaction with the client, in the sense that the client is asked something where a response is required via his telephone keypad (press a key), and the Robot Call system connects the call with an available agent that will deal directly with the client.

The Robot Call executes its task in the following way: it makes a number of massive calls and simultaneously so that they reproduce a voice message that has been previously recorded and even giving the option to the client that is called to press any option of your telephone keypad, for example, to be transferred (or not) with a commercial agent. The Neotel Robot Call has a main functionality which consists of distributing messages to a list of clients in an agile, economic and effective way.