How can you improve the image of your company thanks to Telecommunications?

We give you three options for your company to improve its image to a more professional thanks to Telecommunications.

Normally the first impression that customers receive about a company is through its website. But then, not only is it enough to have the best Web in the world, and it is right here where telecommunications come into play.

First impressions are very important. People cling to these, and then it’s very difficult to change them.

Click to call

The click to call system basically consists of integrating a widget into the website of the company that hires it. With this widget, visitors can enter their telephone number so that the company can contact them immediately. Thanks to the click to call, we give an image that we care about our customers.

International number

If you are a company that works with clients all over the world, having an international numbering is something that will surely help you to improve the image that your clients feel about your company. Your business may be physically in Spain, for example, but when it comes to making and receiving calls, customers will see the number of the country you choose. And they won’t know exactly where you are.

Virtual switchboard

Of all the functionalities of the Neotel switchboard, which are many, perhaps the following should be highlighted:

  • Virtual fax: sending and receiving faxes without the need for a fax machine.
  • Telemarketing Surveys: surveys to assess the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Monitoring: allows you to keep track of the evolution of the staff in your charge and the treatment your client receives.
  • Incoming call statistics: to measure very important values relative to incoming calls in your company.
  • Signage: dynamic and selective. To show one or other of your numbers.

The virtual pbx allows you to use your landline number and use the switchboard from your mobile.