Why do you need to incorporate these applications into your Call Center?

We will explain what the three call launchers that Neotel has for its users consist of: Robot call, Progressive dialer and Predictive dialer.

The Neotel robot call focuses on distributing messages to a specific list of users in an economical and agile way by making bulk calls that optimize call times and redirect clients to a commercial agent if necessary.

The predictive dialer takes control of the calls and generates statistics of the calls to know the call time, the number of calls that the agent must make and when they should be carried out.

The progressive dialer makes outgoing calls and transfers those that are in progress to the agent that is available without having to approve it.

Neotel has specialized in offering the best call center tools.

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The best call center tools are in Neotel

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Companies that depend on customer service to exist increasingly demand more professional tools. At Neotel we have our own tools for call centers around the world that will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.