Three automatic call launchers for Call Center

These are the call launchers available for call center:

Manual dialer (not automatic):

This system is the slowest within the call markers since the agent here has to dial digit to digit numbers.

Progressive dialer:

The calls are linked automatically and once it is picked up, it is linked to an available agent.

Predictive dialer:

This type of marking is one that is learning based on historical and adjusting calls. This system launches a number of calls where, as soon as a customer picks up, it puts you in contact with an available agent. Care should be taken with this system since we run the risk that, if we do not have enough available agents, many customers will pick up at the same time, and none will be available to attend to them. Despite these warnings, this system is the one that will allow us to obtain the highest number of dropped calls between clients and agents. This is perhaps the most used type of launcher.