What is a predictive dialer and how it can help my business

Predictive Dialers: A Vital Tool in Any Contact Center Arsenal

Predictive dialers exponentially increase the productivity of contact center agents.

Modern predictive dialers are an essential tool for contact center administrators.

Avoid tiredness among your agents, as the day progresses, tiredness that accumulates from manual dialing with Neotel’s predictive dialer.

Working manually dialing all the digits of the phone numbers in the hope that someone will answer the other side of the line is a thing of the past.


predictive dialer

A contact center that still works with manual dialing, is working as 50 years ago

Thanks to the predictive dialer, when an agent ends his conversation with a client, he can automatically connect to the next client. No waiting. No time wasted.

They help optimize times by connecting agents only with people who have already answered on the other side of the line, thus avoiding calls that lead to voicemail or simply do not answer.