How to increase the ROI of your call center with an automatic dialer?

Are you wondering how to hire the most suitable automatic dialer for your business? From Neotel we are happy to answer all your questions. All you need to do is contact us now and before you know it you will be working with the automatic dialer. Neotel’s dialer is the intelligent dialer that knows the best time to contact a customer.

Know when to call

Predictive dialers maximize agent productivity because they use algorithms to define the dialing rate based on the customer’s profile and past interaction history. The dialer is able to adjust its own configuration based on aspects such as the time of completion of each call, the average handling, the number of calls connected per hour, the number of agents available in the queue to receive calls, and so on.

Improved conversation rate

Agent talk time increases which translates into better customer engagement.

With intelligent capabilities like answering machine detection the dialer detects if the number is being answered by a machine, disconnected or busy, and therefore the agent does not have to wait for a person to answer. The dialer will automatically dial the next number.


Higher call connection rate


call center software

The automatic dialer will change the way you do business while making life easier for your agents. Predict, analyze and innovate based on changing requirements to deliver high call volumes consistently. This software analyzes the availability of agents and routes the call to them according to the predefined algorithm.

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How many numbers do you dial daily? And how many of them connect? The Neotel dialer is the best tool that exists for companies that work with interaction with customers.