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IP telephony resellers: earning extra money

Neotel is a company with 20 years of experience in technology and communications. The company is developing new ways to create greater business opportunities through the collaborative economy. One of the most promising business programs is that of IP telephony distributors.

This format makes it possible to generate income without being part of the workforce or keeping schedules. Basically, interested parties can publicize IP telephony and virtual PBX as options for supporting business communication. All those who want to work with Neotel and generate an extra income can become distributors.

What are IP telephony distributors?

Many companies today are looking for alternative ways to put more products on the market. To do this, in addition to selling in digital store and receive customers directly, accredits independent distributors to promote sales.


IP telephony distributors are people who sell the products, as is the case with other types of freelance salespeople. These people are responsible for presenting the product and the company to various entrepreneurs with the intention of selling it. In this case, the product is the virtual PBX with Neotel CRM or even others that are part of the company.

It is important to understand that the main job is to make known the advantages of IP telephony. By being able to explain what this technology consists of and the importance of companies migrating to it, the sales process begins. Basically, the distributor preaches the existence of this technological solution.

Why is it important to talk about IP telephony?

Neotel’s technology is new, but its principles and applications have been in the market for years. However, despite the fact that these tools are not so new, many entrepreneurs are not aware of their existence. That is why many companies maintain antiquated and costly schemes.

Products such as the virtual PBX are not being implemented due to the lack of knowledge of many entrepreneurs. These are much more economical, innovative and have better tools than those offered by physical PBXs. Therefore, one of Neotel’s main objectives is to promote the product in multiple ways.

In fact, many companies are unaware of the option of migrating all their communication to IP telephony. This is basically to stop relying on expensive telephone line services and to base everything on a broadband connection. Leading-edge companies have moved to this communications model because their executives understand that it is more cost-effective.

What does it take to migrate to IP telephony?

This will depend on the model that each particular entrepreneur wants to take on. Another key aspect has to do with the type of equipment that the company uses regularly. For example, some companies have telephones that are a bit outdated. In these cases, there are devices that allow these devices to start working from IP telephony.

Other companies have much more up-to-date equipment with the capacity to host IP telephony. In these cases, migration is much simpler and what must be done is to unify the entire communications network. To do this, some inexpensive equipment, cabling and simple accessories are used.

For this reason, it is essential that the distributor investigates the situation of each company to which it offers the product. Each case is unique and this will have an impact on the initial investment to be made by the entrepreneur. For example, another solution is to acquire a mobile switchboard service and connect smartphones to a Wi-Fi network. Neotel offers multiple technological solutions to reduce the cost of communication.

How does VoIP distribution work?

An IP telephony distributor is an ordinary person who is allowed to sell Neotel products. Despite not being part of the staff, he/she can promote IP telephony services. If he gets any customers, he earns a commission for his sale.

A person who has a formal job and has working hours can be an IP telephony distributor. This type of job can be seen as a way to earn extra income. Basically, he can offer Neotel’s services and products during his free time. This person could be directed towards a company as a visitor, but he could also close sales from his Smartphone.

Neotel provides IP telephony distributors with commercial material and information so that they can make sales. In this way, interested parties can verify the situation of potential customers and offer them technological solutions. The work is done without ties or schedules because the distributor earns according to their productivity.

What should IP telephony distributors do?

This type of freelance worker distributes Neotel products to contacts who may need them. To do so, the distributor identifies potential entrepreneurs or companies to which he/she could sell the product. In this sense, interaction with potential customers is fundamental.

Once the potential customers have been identified, a regular sales process begins. To tell the truth, people with vocation and aptitude for sales are highly recommended to be IP telephony distributors. Of course, knowing about Neotel’s products is essential to offer the right technological solutions.

Subsequently, the distributor contacts Neotel to close the sale. When the sale is closed, the distributors earn a commission based on the amount of revenue received by the company. Each distributor can carry out this task at his own pace and progressively acquire new customers.

What products can distributors offer?

VoIP distribution consists of selling any of Neotel’s products. These are basically three: the virtual PBX, the call center software and the CRM. The PBX allows calls to be made with just an internet connection. In this case, the customer may require the purchase of an IP phone and accessories related to this form of communication, which can also be sold by Neotel.

On the other hand, the call center software allows to manage and monitor all external communications of the company. This is a service for which a monthly fee is paid and works with an Internet connection. It should be noted that this program offers very attractive modules for telemarketing and business marketing. The latter go beyond telephone communication.

Another product offered by Neotel is its CRM, a data system that is also designed to facilitate telemarketing. New companies that do not yet have a customer information base can opt for this program. In addition, physical terminals and accessories are sold in our virtual store.

Advantages of IP telephony

The main advantage of migrating all communication to IP telephony is its cost. The cost of using traditional telephone lines is extremely high. With the Internet protocol, all communications are based on broadband connections. This generates considerable savings in the budget allocated for communications.

In the case of companies that have a call center department, the savings are much greater. Those who replace the physical PBX with the virtual one can save almost 80% in communication costs. The best thing is that Neotel’s virtual PBX with CRM is one of the most advanced.

Added to this, Neotel’s call center tools have innovative and comprehensive functionalities. Some of these even allow to improve the advertising and reach of the companies as it happens with the sending of bulk SMS or the dialer. In reality, these are programs that are used to generate more sales.

All of Neotel’s solutions are cost-effective and can be adapted to the customer’s budget and needs. Users can contract digital storage, CRM, virtual and mobile PBX and the best rates with unlimited calls and cheap data plans. Basically, entrepreneurs can support all their internal and external communications from our products.

You could be one of our IP telephony distributors.

At Neotel we have a great team of freelance distributors that have contributed to position our products. This has been a successful formula to publicize the benefits of virtual PBX and IP telephony. It should be noted that the market for these technological solutions is growing every day.

IP telephony distributors do not have time restrictions or a minimum sales limit. With each customer Neotel gives them a commission for the sales generated. The reseller earns a monthly commission for as long as the customer contracts our platform.

If you are interested in generating extra money or having a freelance job this is an excellent opportunity. Simply contact us by phone and be part of the team. At Neotel we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you know the product and can sell it to your contacts.