Robinson List incorporated into the virtual PBX: a great advantage

European legislation has very severe restrictions on the protection of consumers and their data. In the past, companies were able to promote their products without any restrictions and this sometimes caused annoyance. With the legal change, companies must be very cautious, verify the information and send advertisements only to those people who allow it. Precisely, the Robinson list was created to respect this.

Robinson List

To be sure, the Robinson list allows employers to avoid serious legal violations. So… What is this list all about? And how can it be integrated into the virtual PBX? We will answer these and other questions below.

What is the Robinson list?

The Robinson List is a compendium of directories with information about consumers in Spain. In each directory are citizens who want to escape abusive advertising practices, including telephone numbers and the limits that those listed have when it comes to receiving advertising. The creation of this documentation is not so new, being a well-known resource in the country’s private sector.

In fact, the first Robinson list was drawn up in 1993 by the Federation of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing. Basically, these are opt-out lists, where people express their willingness not to receive certain content in detail. It is important to know that these directories are contemplated in the law, specifically in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, created in 2016. Similarly, the Organic Law on Personal Data of 201 also contemplates the legal validity of these listings.

Any citizen can register on the Robinson list and decide how and from whom to receive advertising. At present, it is estimated that almost 600,000 people are included in this exclusion list. If a company communicates with someone on the list in violation of their willingness to receive advertising, they may file a lawsuit against the company, which will be supported by their willingness to opt-out of advertising.

Utility of the Robinson list in companies

It is clear that having the Robinson list information can prevent legal problems with consumers. But beyond having the list, having it associated with the virtual PBX with CRM opens up many opportunities for companies. In other words, it is a source of data that, if managed strategically, can be of great help to sell without generating hassles.

Being able to synchronize the Robinson list with the telemarketing program is very useful. It is a fact that most advertising campaigns are based on customer lists. This being so, the best way to respect data and consumer privacy laws would be to cross-reference the telephone lists used for each campaign with the Robinson list files. Precisely, this can be done with this innovative service offered by Neotel.

Best of all, these files are not only made up of people who do not want to receive any type of advertising. On the contrary, the lists show in detail the preferences of all those registered. For example, these lists include people who do not want to be called to receive offers, but who do see advertising text messages. It is precisely this capability that makes the Robinson list usable for reaching customers in the right way.

Neotel offers the most advanced Robinson List Service

Those who rent Neotel’s teleoperator software can include this service as a complementary service. From here, the company’s supervisors will be able to make queries on the list, validate the queries for 30 days, have access to historical records and all at the lowest prices. In fact, our customers have two ways to check these files: by querying by unit or by voucher.

Those who ask for the Robinson list price should know that it is a very cheap service. At Neotel, querying per unit will only cost 0.015 euros. We also offer vouchers that allow you to consult large groups by packs of people for a stipulated price. In these cases, the company lowers the cost of the unit, for the benefit of the companies that want the service. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting and necessary complement, which will prevent company owners from avoiding lawsuits and unfortunate moments. Contact us in case you are interested.