predictive dialer

Predictive Dialer: Ideal for telesales and telemarketing

The tools of the new virtual PBX allow you to improve every area of a call center’s work. There is useful automation to optimize customer service per inbound call and also to increase outbound productivity. To contact users successfully the predictive dialer is of vital importance.

In the contact center there are always departments that are in charge of making outbound calls. These can have many utilities such as sales, service offerings, extensions or debt collection. Increasing efficiency in this type of management is possible with the help of the right technology.

How the predictive dialer works

The job of the predictive dialer is to launch calls to customers automatically. To do this, the module has a list of telephone numbers to be contacted. It will do this by knowing the call duration patterns and times between which the agent is free. In addition, the tool is updated according to the volume of work and the results that arise.

This telephone dialer controls the time in which the agent contacts users. From the moment it is used, the process of making calls no longer depends on the operator, and is completely controlled by the system. In this way, coordinators can ensure high productivity within the department.


predictive dialer

In turn, the call center predictive dialer generates statistics on data and phone numbers. This makes it possible to perform useful tasks such as cleaning the database and measuring the effectiveness of the lists and the department. With this module you basically control the management in a very comprehensive way. To be precise, there are two fundamental tasks for companies that can be developed much better with this technology: telesales and remote collection.

Increased sales and better collection management

The predictive dialer is one of the most useful digital tools an outbound calling department can have. Any office that uses lists of phone numbers will benefit. Sales tend to increase because the productivity of the operator is increased. It is important to remember that with this module the amount of calls made by agents will not depend on them.

Telecollections management benefits even more, since it is a department where it is necessary to be incisive. Customer lists can be classified according to importance, degree of debt or taking into account previous communications. Those who work in this type of office know how important it is to know the customers and target the message in a more personalized way.

The virtual PBX has the possibility to integrate this and other modalities very easily. The more innovative the software, the better management tools it offers. Therefore, it is important to choose updated companies such as Neotel. The upgrade has advantages such as IP telephony, data backup in the cloud and automated solutions such as predictive dialer and other call launchers.