Explaining the basic principles of PBX, IP PBX and VoIP

Before the Internet, the calls were all through the telephone company. After the arrival of the Network of networks, the developers were able to channel the calls, converted to data, and travel through the Internet.

VoIP makes voice and data converge.

A peculiarity to stand out from the Neotel switchboard is its easy integration with third party softwares.

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Do you already have a physical switchboard? Okay, then you probably think that changing to a virtual one now would be to throw away the money from physics. You are wrong then! The virtual switchboard always reports more benefits than the physical one, with the savings on the telephone bill being the main one. Even if you already have a physical switchboard, think that each month you keep working with it, it is a month that you will be paying more money than necessary. What are you waiting for to start saving money with the virtual switchboard?


Do you travel a lot for work? Or your workers? OKAY. You need a voice system by ip then. The voip knows no geographical limits and therefore barriers. From any point of the planet you can work in the same way with your voip phone system. Just like if you were physically in the location where your company is located.

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