8 Qualities That Every Call Center Agent Has To Have

For a call center agent to become the perfect agent this has to necessarily bring together a number of qualities that today we will try to explain to our followers. While it is certain that not all the features that we are going to show here are the only ones, it is clear that there may be many others and, if you want to collaborate giving other ideas or qualities of the ideal agent, we thank you. As easy as leaving a comment at the end of the article just like always.


This is aimed at those responsible for hiring agents. It is important that the scheduled time for each agent is respected. It is even more important to show that you trust the person during your workday. Some call center companies fall into the error of thinking that pressing the agent this will be more productive at the end of the day however this is a mistake as we commented and not a reality.

Self motivation

The attitude of the agent is important. An agent who feels an attitude of self-motivation is very likely to be a person capable of solving incidents, with initiative and not a complaining person but resolutive.


Agents need to demonstrate self-confidence. When working in a call center there are sure to be situations where the customers they call will put the agent in uncomfortable situations. Not all customers are the same. There are more and less respectful and educated, just like in the street. Agents need to have that confidence in their qualities and skills to know how to always leave each of the possible situations in which they are.

Good memory

Agents are asked to be able to remember procedures and characteristics of the services offered by the company. For the agent is essential to train this quality, the ability to remember information to be able to transmit it quickly and effectively to customers.

Problem solving

Initiative. It is possibly the most important qualities that every call center worker should have. Be able to solve problems and situations by yourself. Of course this does not mean never asking for help.


We all have good days and not so good days, and a call center agent is not going to be the exception. What can never be tolerated is that the problems or the personal situation of the agent end up affecting his behavior towards the customers with whom he talks on the phone daily. Working in call centers is a job that can sometimes be stressful, we agree. But part of being a real professional is knowing how to have the cold blood to know how to separate situations and that personal never interfere with professionals. The agent will always be respectful to customers. Keeping calm and knowing how to handle situations is something a call center agent needs to know.


As we have said before, the quality of parking problems at the door before entering is important for the agents. We can not let our feelings interfere with our work.


One of the most important qualities of a call center agent is courtesy. This may seem obvious but being nice and courteous is vital when it comes to communicating with clients as these are able to see this in the agent and the call can take a course or another based on our attitude. When a customer has a problem or an issue, dealing with an apathetic agent will surely only lead to even more problems for everyone. You also never know who is on the other line. That’s why it’s important for agents to be friendly when they talk to their customers.

To obtain a satisfactory experience on the part of the client, it is necessary that the agents accompany these with a favorable attitude. A contact center agent that does not contemplate the desired attitude can end up leading to big losses for the company. It is important for those in charge of the call center to be able to identify which of their agents fulfill these qualities that we indicate in our article today and which do not.