The benefits of having a WebRTC line for your company

The magic of the Internet has allowed companies of all kinds to effectively reach their customers, fostering relationships that are more direct than ever. However, it is not the same to generate business communication through a social network as it is to do it professionally with their own equipment. To achieve the latter, businesses need only have access to the technology of the WebRTC line.

webrtc line

The WebRTC line is one of those things that we know very little about, but that we use on a daily basis. In fact, when someone uses a social network with chat included, they are enjoying this technology. Any web page that offers communication devices such as chat rooms, chats, real-time interaction or video calls, operates thanks to this resource. The question is, how can a company use it to its advantage and in a professional manner?

Approaching the WebRTC line

The WebRTC line has made it possible to create or improve most of the social networks that exist today. The best thing is that, just as the most prestigious applications in the world are partially supported by this technology, any company can do the same. To do so, what is needed is a digital environment that allows companies to communicate. Although many do not know it, virtual PBX call center services offer precisely this environment.

In fact, virtual PBXs such as Neotel are programs based on the WebRTC line. Through them, teleoperators or company executives can manage different communication tools supported by a broadband connection. In other words, to be able to use these technological solutions, you only need to have Internet access.

For example, from a virtual IP PBX, calls can be made and received with IP telephony. This is in itself part of the advantages of the WebRTC line, because it is much more economical to make calls based on broadband connection, than under the traditional telephone service. The best part is that this can be achieved from a simple web environment that requires no installations. It is basically like logging into a social network that allows us to communicate professionally and more easily.

What are the benefits of the WebRTC Line for the company?

Basically, the WebRTC Line will allow you to call over the Internet like Facebook or WhatsApp. But in this case, it is done from a professional, company environment. Similarly, this technology allows companies to make video calls and videoconferences, but with formality. This is vital, because it generates confidence in the client.

This also professionalizes the work because communication can be done from a computer. In order to make calls, the virtual call center switchboard includes a numeric keypad, similar to that of a smartphone, but housed in the PC. In this way, not only the way of serving customers is professionalized, but also the way of doing business. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell, serve the user, get paid or whatever.

Having a virtual IP PBX is even advisable for the health of people who have their own business. Answering calls and customer orders on a smartphone all day, generates health problems such as, for example, whiplash. The most advisable would be to perform the attention sitting down and in front of a computer. The key word in this type of services is professionalization, at all levels.

In Neotel we have the best IP Virtual PBX

Neotel is a company with more than 20 years of service in the virtual PBX call center market. Although this may seem like a call center system, the truth is that it is useful and necessary for any business, even if you do not have a department of this type. A family business, an up-and-coming writer, or a salesperson can take advantage of the project and the best thing is that the hiring is always adapted to the budget of each entrepreneur.

At Neotel we have several basic plans and complementary services. These can evolve with the passage of time and the needs of the client. That is to say, if an entrepreneur needs only a basic plan at the beginning, he can start with this one, which is more economical. However, if with the passage of time and the expansion of the business, he/she wants to add more complementary tools, he/she can do so. We adapt to the situation and the real growth of each company.

Having a virtual IP PBX with WebRTC line is something that almost all prestigious companies ensure nowadays. At Neotel we provide you with an easy to use, intuitive program, with no difficult installations and no equipment to buy. The only thing you will need is an Internet connection.