Webrtc line: stop depending on software and equipment

Traditional call centers have special software and interconnected telephone equipment. Until a few years ago that was the most viable way. However, since the arrival of the webrtc line everything has changed.

Many call center company managers will think that the traditional way is the right one. In reality, this working model is very limiting and hardly adapts to the realities of the present. It could be said that maintaining this type of office is even more expensive.

The webrtc line overcomes limitations at low cost

The arrival of the webrtc line allows to establish audio and video communications from few resources. Now the only thing needed to establish conversations is an internet connection and a microphone. This is in case the device used is a computer.

If the communication is done with a Smartphone the matter is simpler because this device comes with everything you need. With webrtc line technology classic call center implements are unnecessary. The best thing is that this system is already being applied to customer service through virtual switchboards.

Operators today can attend and make calls without large telephone installations or the typical call center software.  Switching to this technology is very cheap and does not involve maintenance costs: everything is in the cloud.

How does a webrtc call center service work?


webrtc line Neotel


Working with a webtc virtual switchboard is similar to being on Gmail or a social network. The operator has a username and password with which he enters the system. This data is entered while connected to the Internet.

When entering, the employee has an extension, lists of numbers and even guidelines to follow. At the same time, all the management can be controlled by automated tools. For example, through these systems, call launchers can be implemented.

Under this mechanism, several tele-operators can work from the same extension. Everything is centralized, organized and can be monitored without the need for complex configurations.

Towards unlimited customer service

The webrtc technology extends the range of companies to serve their customers. To begin with, the operator does not have to be in the office. By logging in your user, having a Smartphone and internet connection you can do your job.

In addition, with these systems you can make conferences. This function is ideal for meetings with clients and internal communication tasks.

One of the companies with more experience in providing this service is Neotel. The interface is very simple and the system has been tested by several companies. In any case, the important thing is not to stay in the past and to optimize the systems.