Premium Virtual Call Recorder Why is it important?

Call recording is a central aspect of call center and business operations. The ability to keep a record of telephone contacts has many advantages and practical uses. Today, companies rely on the premium virtual call recorder.

Call recording today is simplified by the virtual PBX. It is precisely this digital application that contains this feature, in addition to the known functions to link several terminals and manage each call. It seems a minor matter, but it is a useful backup that can be used to great advantage.

What is a virtual call recorder?

A virtual call recorder is basically a system that allows you to keep a record of your company’s telephone contacts. These can be incoming through the customer service department, or outgoing very characteristic of the telemarketing department, collections and security.


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In the past, call center departments used physical PBXs and call recording was done using special software. These records were usually stored on expensive physical servers. In other words, it was necessary to invest in host hardware for data storage. In the case of customer service centers, one of the most frequently stored data was precisely the telephone calls.

At that time, the process was much more complex than it is today, as several systems had to be integrated. The advent of the virtual PBX made it possible to simplify the complete storage of operations. Today the call recorder is virtual and is part of the call center software.

Almost all cloud PBX services offer virtual call recording. Of course, there are different levels and costs for data storage. This service is the proof of how important it is to manage communications via virtual PBX.

How does the virtual call recorder work?

Today the entire virtual PBX system works over an Internet connection. Even calls are made over an IP connection, which is very similar to what happens when a person calls another person using a social network. This in turn allows the records of this call to be stored in an organized manner as part of the software’s work.

The conversations are recorded under files very similar to the voice memos of today. They also have formats such as MP3, very similar to music. Therefore, it is also very easy to save and listen to them. The space used to store the records of these calls is the cloud. In other words, the whole system is literally powered by the Internet.

Thanks to the PBX in the cloud it is possible to record as many calls as the customer requires. The cloud storage spaces offered by the companies have no physical limitations. The whole system works in a very simplified way and companies like Neotel have expert staff to maintain the proper functioning of the system.

Why is there talk of a premium virtual call recorder?

Companies that offer virtual PBX service usually offer standard recording. For example, Neotel offers storage of generated and received phone conversations every two months. This is usually sufficient for many businesses, depending on their business activity. However, there are other companies that require a much more extensive record.

When companies require extensive call backup, they turn to the premium virtual call recorder. This offers a much more extended service in time with which you can even get all the conversations made with customers.

There are companies that by law need to have all the calls. These tend to focus on complete virtual recording services, covering large periods of time and with full functionality. In these cases it is also essential to opt for a PBX with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Companies that provide some kind of service usually need a premium virtual call recorder. The most emblematic case is that of banks, which are even required by law to have full registration. Since they handle their clients’ money and because of the possibility of fraud, it is essential to have all the conversations in the middle of an investigation.

Why is it important to have a premium virtual call recorder?

Call recording allows you to fulfill functions that are crucial for business management. In principle, it allows monitoring conversations between operators or telemarketers and customers. The idea of monitoring is to verify the quality of service and to better train individual employees.

At the same time, the recordings allow internal control to be exercised in order to protect customers and ensure proper customer service. For example, many companies use this element to penalize workers who do not perform their work properly. In this way, keeping these records can become a fundamental factor in aiming for excellence.

Keeping records can also support the company’s good work in case of any misunderstanding. In the event of a complaint to the consumer protection agencies, companies can resort to the records and demonstrate that the procedures and attention is correct. Undoubtedly, this is one of the callcenter tools that allows to know the reality of the service offered.

Other advantages of the premium virtual call recorder

Entrepreneurs who hire the premium virtual call recorder service seek to improve this functionality. Generally, paying for this complementary service allows them to opt for a larger storage capacity.

Another key factor in this service is the quality of the recording manager. Companies such as Neotel allow the contracting company the ability to control both the recording in general, as well as the recorded calls. Coordinators can play, filter, search and even download calls to use them as they wish. It is also possible to suspend the recordings for a moment and manage the entire system.

From the virtual PBX it is possible to review the recordings from any device. This is because the entire system is hosted in the cloud and you only need an Internet connection to access it. Previously, this was impossible and everything had to be done from the office. This is another advantage of migrating to the virtual PBX.

Simply put, the premium virtual call recorder confers full control over the records. In the case of large and medium-sized companies this is not only very useful, but economical due to the characteristics of their business balance. In reality, this type of complementary service is usually not that expensive.

Choosing the best premium virtual call recorder

As with the rest of the cloud PBX, it is essential that the recorder has a simple interface. Sometimes, operators and coordinators in the company do not use the resources due to the fact that these are not user-friendly. In this sense, it is crucial that this technological solution is complete, but also easy to use.

There are many products on the market with different features, recording limits and managers. It is important for the entrepreneur to analyze several of the available proposals and choose the one that best suits his needs. For example, some companies charge more for this service and even offer less than others. Therefore, each aspect must be analyzed to obtain the most effective modules.

It is always good to analyze the difference between the standard recording service and the premium one. Of course, all this must be weighed against the needs of the business itself. As stated above, there are business activities that require less of the recordings and others that require a more comprehensive service.

Neotel’s premium virtual call recorder is complete.

Neotel offers a module that can meet the highest standards in call recording. To this end, we grant the customer an entire terabyte of storage. This equals 27 years of secure recordings backed up with the best security systems.

The easy-to-use manager allows you to control all aspects of the recordings. The record can be reviewed, downloaded and manipulated from any device as long as the necessary credentials are available. This is to ensure the security of the company and the information stored.

The additional cost for this service is €45 per month and is a guarantee of consistent quality. This is one of the most competitive recorders in the market according to its cost/benefit balance. Neotel’s software is used by several of the most successful Spanish companies, which proves its operability. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most necessary and useful callcenter tools, ideal for maintaining a transparent and productivity-oriented business management.