Mobile PBX: useful for telemarketers and executives

The cloud PBX is no longer a call center implement. Today, it is more of a support for business communication that should not be dispensed with. In fact, this type of system can now also be used on devices outside the office, such as smartphones, for example. This is precisely the function of the mobile PBX, an application that can be useful for different functions within any company.

Although it seems that this type of implement is not necessary outside the office, having it is advantageous. Its installation is equivalent to having the virtual switchboard in the comfort of a cell phone. And with this, the worker or the employer has professional tools for communication.

What is the mobile switchboard?

mobile pbx

Mobile PBX is basically a virtual PBX for cell phones. Actually, this is a program designed to handle some of the basic functions of call center software on the cell phone. Any employee or executive who has it will be able to answer and make calls in a professional manner. The latter is important to maintain the good image and institutionality of any business.

It would seem that this type of implement is not necessary nowadays. Certainly, today’s smartphones can connect to the Internet and do many things with ease. However, some elements of the cloud PBX are unrepeatable, necessary and can only be used if we are connected to the software. A clear example of this is the ability to put a call on hold.

When a worker has the option to place a call on hold, it projects an image of formality. It is worth noting that, when using this function, institutional audios are heard, giving the company a sense of formality. What the mobile PBX facilitates, is that the same formal and professional aura that the system allows through the call center, can be achieved from a smartphone. In this way, even those workers who are away from the facilities will be able to maintain the institutional image.

Professionalism outside the office

A call center has all the tools of the PBX in the cloud to provide professional customer service. Through the mobile PBX, any company employee can ensure the same, even when away from the premises. Functions such as placing a call on hold or muting can be activated with simple codes from the smartphone’s numeric keypad.

From this, an executive who is on a business trip can manage phone calls as if he were inside the company. This gives greater credibility and formality to companies, no matter where their employees are. For this reason, it is a complement that even managers and other decision-makers can also take advantage of on their executive phones.

On the other hand, the mobile PBX allows telephone operators to answer calls even outside the office.  This is a possibility that is very useful at the present time, given the pandemic. It is worth noting that both companies and professionals are increasingly inclined to work remotely. In this universe, being able to manage the call center software from a cell phone is a very intelligent work solution.

At Neotel we give you the mobile switchboard for free.

In general, the virtual PBX for mobiles is usually sold as a separate software or add-on. At Neotel, we guarantee our customers to obtain this extension at no additional cost. This means that any company or entrepreneur who contracts our software will automatically have this implementation for their workers without paying anything. No special SIM card installations or complicated processes will be required.

Neotel takes care of all the technical part and enables the assigned teleoperators or executives with access to the software. Take advantage of our virtual PBX offer, with the best plans, free implements and a service adapted to the needs and availability of each entrepreneur. Undoubtedly, this type of system improves communication, making it cheaper and allowing the use of additional tools for marketing and customer service.

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