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Characteristics that the PBX should have within my company

First of all we must know that when contracting the virtual pbx with Neotel we can choose a configuration and that, after some time, we want to modify this according to the needs of our company. This is not a problem.


Without a doubt, it is a great relief for the client to know that when hiring a virtual pbx there is no permanence contract with the company, nor is he signing one. Although most of the virtual pbx options that exist today involve a permanence of the client for/with the company, we at Neotel have not wanted to work in this way and that is why none of our services involve any type of permanence.

Depending on the size of the company

The size of your company may vary over time. We at Neotel understand this. And that’s why we offer our clients the only 100% adaptable switchboard. Here it is the customer who decides what size of switchboard your business needs. And by size we mean number of extensions. But it is also our switchboard comes loaded with a number of extras completely free for all our customers. Many of the features that Neotel has been offering its customers for their PBXs are charged by other companies at very high prices. We do not want to deceive anyone. And we are so convinced that once you try our virtual switchboard you will not want to leave, which is why we do not force you to sign any contract with us. You can try our tools and if for any reason you are not convinced, you can leave. No questions from us.

Ease of change

One of the main characteristics or advantages of our virtual switchboard is that, through a simple client panel, the user can configure and manage his entire switchboard without having to have any previous knowledge or have recourse to a professional. Of course, in Neotel our Customer Service department is always online, on the phone, chat or mail, waiting for calls from customers who want to solve some kind of query or want to do something and don’t know how.

It is not harder than picking up the phone and calling Neotel and we will guide you step by step with what you need.



Neotel webrtc line

Neotel’s virtual switchboard works 100% in the cloud which means savings in equipment investment. With our switchboard, you don’t need anything else. There is no need to buy any specific hardware or computer. Not even a telephone if you wish, thanks to our webrtc lines. (Ask for more information about our webrtc lines by clicking here).

Our switchboard integrates many features for communication within your company. Among them today we would like to mention the Video Calls and Video Conferences in the cloud with integrated chat. If you would like more information about this module, which is 100% free for all our clients, you can visit the following resources

Videoconference and Videoconference in the cloud (video)

Infographics Video call and Video conference with cloud chat



Neotel ivr

You can also contact us through any of our channels and we will inform you without any obligation.

Our virtual switchboard also has many other qualities such as:

  • Queues with music
  • Voice mail
  • “Virtual Secretariat” or IVR
  • Call transfers between different agents
  • Call filtering



Neotel pbx

In addition, workers can be connected to the switchboard and work from anywhere so they no longer need to be inside the office itself.

There is no need to buy any special phone or anything else. Simply if we have a device connected to the Internet, this is all we need.

Our switchboard system is just a web page where the customer logs in with his user name and password and is ready to work.

Very easy.

The main reason for using a webrtc line is cost reduction.


Neotel’s webrtc lines bring countless advantages to our virtual switchboard

If in your business you attend a high volume of calls, communication with customers is paramount and you think that giving a truly professional image to them as well, then you don’t need to look any further. Neotel’s virtual switchboard as you have seen it now is the solution to all your current telephony problems.


Chat + Video call and Video conference FREE

chat video call video conferencing in the cloud

For more information, please visit the following page.


What is the best option for teleworking from home?

A virtual switchboard system is designed so that users can work and access it from anywhere.

If you are looking at Google now options for teleworking from home in front of the coronavirus we recommend that you check our section here, which explains the steps to implement teleworking in your company so you do not have to close.


With the same functionality as in the company

If on the other hand you do not yet have a virtual switchboard system you can contract it with our company. The installation is very simple (the customer does not have to do anything) and our technicians can help you to be up and running sooner than you imagine.

virtual pbx

Once you are registered with the virtual switchboard, your employees can access the normal company telephone system as if they were physically there. You can find more information about the switchboard here. We also recommend that you watch this video on how the virtual pbx works.

If you already have the pbx the transfer of the system to the house is very simple. It only consists of taking the ip terminal home and connecting it there. You don’t even need a physical telephone. You can use the Neotel web softphone, free for all customers.


Quick and easy installation

The current situation of the coronavirus is causing companies that do not want to close their businesses to opt for other solutions. Here teleworking is undoubtedly the most effective. And Neotel’s virtual switchboard is the only tool you need for this.


How to telework from home with Neotel’s virtual PBX

Thanks to the virtual pbx allows us to work from anywhere as if we were in the office, we can now do so in the same way and thus not neglect either our business or the customers who cost us so much effort to achieve, in these difficult times and alarm that run because of the so-called “coronavirus.

Virtual switchboard: the perfect solution to continue working without the risk of contagion

Thanks to them, the employees are able to continue their work from home.


teleworking virtual pbx

It is in our hands to ensure that production does not come to a complete standstill. We need to find viable measures to achieve this. And one of them is teleworking.

While it is true that health comes first, it is also true that we must all, as far as possible, seek alternatives so that the country does not come to a standstill and therefore an economic crisis occurs that we may not be able to overcome.



What features modern call center software should have

Below we present the most outstanding functionalities in modern call center systems today:


Work from home like you’re at the office? With Neotel it is possible


Surely we have all seen this slogan in the news, press, radio, social media on the Internet, etc. In view of the serious situation that the whole world has to face today, it is essential that we ALL pay attention to the rules and measures that professionals and experts tell us about. And Neotel stays at home. But not without providing the same level of service to all its customers.

And what do we want with the writing of this post in our Blog? Well, that YOU do it too; stay at home.

Do it for yourself, for me. And in general, do it for everyone. Let’s do it for THE WHOLE WORLD. The health authorities need us now more than ever.


Do you still have doubts about how to encourage teleworking in your company so that you can stay at home without the risk of catching or infecting others? Neotel has set up a hotline to support the coronavirus and teleworking. Call us now if you have any questions and we will answer them. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a Neotel customer yet.

Maybe talking to us will help you make a good decision: to stay at home BUT without neglecting your customers.



Neotel virtual pbx call center software and crm

(By the way: this article was written from home)


At Neotel we want companies not to be affected by this situation of global change any more. Today’s technology allows us to perform our work without having to go to the office.

Companies cannot stop our daily rhythm without avoiding a negative impact on our economy.

The Ministry of Health is promoting TELEWORK.

Help us to help you implement it in your company today. Contact Neotel now. Thank you very much.



What is the best phone tool for working from home

Neotel always encourages the idea of teleworking. But it is now, with the current crisis of COVID19 or coronavirus as it is commonly called, that companies most require solutions to be able to send their employees to continue working from home. Neotel has opened a free support platform for everyone who needs it, where the caller will be advised at all times on how to implement teleworking measures in their business. You can find more information about this idea by visiting the following link: for teleworking in the face of covid-19 coronavirus

Thanks to these measures on the part of Neotel, its employees do not need to travel or be at risk of contagion when in direct contact with other employees and can carry out all their tasks from home, just as if they were in the office. With this, the company avoids the risk of contagion with the possible professional casualties that this could entail while the business does not suffer and what is main, the clients continue being served in the best way. The same as always.


virtual cloud pbx

You can take calls as if you were in your office and still use the same home number.

The latest telework reports show the advantages of teleworking for both the workers and the company:


    • Assistance in contingency and business continuity plans.
    • More productivity in general.
    • Reconciliation of family and work life.
    • Greater worker autonomy.
    • Less travel time.

All this, thanks to Neotel’s cloud pbx.


What features do I need in my Call Center Software


There are many options when contracting call management software for your call centre. We at Neotel recommend that before making any rash decision, you analyze your options well in order to try to avoid future complications.

Something that Neotel has been implementing for a long time and that we are sure will be very useful to our customers is the webrtc line for softphone use. Making all calls directly from the Internet browser without the need for a physical terminal saves our customers money and space.


web softphone Neotel webrtc

Telephone support remains the most relevant channel for communication between companies and customers today. Above other means such as chatbots, emails, WhatsApp, etc. And that is why at Neotel we offer the best communication tools to give the best possible phone support to your own customers.


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