Mobile Rates: All your services unified

Nowadays it is important to have your communications connected to avoid ordering any call, message or mail that is important for your company, that is why Neotel offers the best unification with its mobile rates that adapts to the needs of your company allowing you to have the virtual pbx in any of your devices.

Why use Neotel mobile rates?


mobile rates

Among the great advantages that Neotel offers that allow to have flat rates with great benefits, all the plans offer unlimited calls, we tell you about the plans:

  • 9GB of monthly navigation for a fixed fee of 10 Euros per month
  • 20 Gb to browse for 15 euros
  • And 25 Gb for 20 Euros per month

The plans do not require permanence, and if you are already a Neotel client, internal calls between fixed and cell phones are included without additional charge.

Advantages of using these mobile rates

There are many advantages to contracting this service, but without a doubt the most important is that you can use the functions of the virtual pbx on your cell phone.

There are plenty of advantages when contracting this service, but without a doubt the most important is that you can transfer, mute or put on hold incoming calls.

Neotel’s Mobile Rates present the best offers in voice and data rates and at the lowest price. No permanence. And with unlimited calls you can use the virtual switchboard functions on your mobile.

How to save on your mobile rate or choose the best voice and data rate for your Smartphone?

By contracting Neotel’s services you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of mobile telephony together with all the benefits offered by Neotel, which with an internet connection you will be able to access

We advise you on which voice + data plan to hire

We have highly trained personnel that will offer you the best plan that adapts to your needs and that the investment is adequate to the necessary consumption.

No permanence

If you come with any of our Neotel mobile tariffs you will not have permanence.

Cheaper calls

With our mobile rates, choose the data you want to spend, you have rates for 9GB, 20GB and 25GB smartphones.

Choose the gigs you want, calls are included.

Our mobile rates are the cheapest for talking and browsing

Take advantage of our promotions

The rates for calling and browsing are the most competitive on the market, discover the new mobile offers.

In addition you can take advantage of all our offers and promotions, if you hire now any of our rates, or if you are already a customer.

Virtual Switchboard included

Enjoy Neotel’s virtual switchboard, which guarantees greater communication without the need for hardware and included in the mobile call rate plans.

Functions of the advanced virtual switchboards

Among the functions of the virtual switchboards that you will get when acquiring the mobile tariff plan are

  • Self-service, you can configure it personally from our panel
  • Voice mail
  • Call forwarding through voip switchboards
  • Call Queue
  • Multi-Conference
  • Fax in your email

Take advantage of this promotion and enjoy these and more exclusive services offered by Neotel, always thinking of the best for you and your company.


Lines 806 and 803: Increase Your Revenue with Paid Numbers


806 lines and 803 lines allow the company to offer special services to customers that include erotic content services for adults and leisure services for customers. 806 and 803 lines are virtual lines that require always being routed to fixed lines, the operation is remote and does not require installation.


They are paid numbers that allow to offer additional services like calls for adults, leisure and more where the customer receives payment each time he receives a call

Telephones 803 and 806

Neotel facilitates the contracting of 806 and 803 lines with total guarantee of collection and transparency

With the 806 and 803 phones you will be able to establish your own service or telephone cabinet, and thanks to Neotel with great ease.

Lines 806 and 803

With Neotel you can contract 806 and 803 with the maximum guarantees of transparency and collection. They are specialists in comprehensive services for 806 Videncia and Tarot phone lines and 803 phone lines for adult content

Remember that the 806 lines offer you the possibility of also offering telephone leisure services, such as contests or telephone chats, and the 803 lines erotic content

How does the 800 call service work?


806 and 803 lines

Calls are paid for using a unique number so that your customers can contact you by paying the extra amount of the call for the service received.

The operation of 806 lines and 803 lines is very simple, every time a customer calls an 800 number the call rings on the fixed or cell phone that has been established, maintaining the anonymity of the caller

The amount is charged on the customer’s monthly phone bill according to the duration of the call.

SERVICE 803/806

The detour of calls is to landlines, cell phones or VOIP, are phone lines from which a service is provided that is paid through the cost of the call charged to the caller.

The service providers are the contractors who put their added value by which they charge for their services.

LINES 803 AND 806

Lines 803 and 806, are also called premium or special tariff lines. They are virtual lines, that is, they do not exist, so it is always necessary that they are supported (routed) to conventional lines of fixed or mobile telephony. This means that their operation is carried out remotely and does not require any physical installation.

Advantages of 806 and 803

There are many advantages for your company or person to use these lines among which they stand out:

  • Lines 806 and 803 are designed to meet the needs of large companies as well as individuals to achieve additional income
  • Quick registration, free and without contract permanence, starting a business without risks for you
  • Security in contact data
  • Using the benefits of communications increases revenue for you.

Increase your income with these paid numbers offered by Neotel without requiring permanence



Customer Relationship Management


The Customer Relationship Management or CRM database platform focused on collecting companies’ relationships with their customers, this database will be an important source of information for the company, the more customers are known, the easier it is to plan, adapt and structure marketing strategies.

What is Neotel’s Customer Relationship Management application?

Neotel’s CRM application is a powerful customer management tool for your company, with this web application you will be able to

  • Unify your customer databases
  • Customer file including invoices – Estimates – Incident tickets – Important documents, (contracts, authorizations, etc.)
  • Record calls held with customers
  • The history of notes written by customer service, knowing the person and the day of the note


Usefulness of CRM

Having this application installed allows to have unified information for the moment that an employee or tele-operator who attends to a client, either by commercial contact, or call will find information about the subject to be dealt with even if it is a subject that has not been dealt with by that agent in the first person.

Neotel CRM Use Case Studies


virtual pbx

We will present several case studies on the use of CRM

Case Study #1: Customer calls to place an order.

The agent has access to the budgets sent to the client, to know purchase prices or purchased products. You can give a professional image without consulting anyone about that information, knowing that talking to the customer.

Case Study #2: Customer calls to inquire about the status of a request.

The agent sees the history of notes to know the request, and see who attended the case being able to respond quickly to the client on the subject.

Business opportunity features

This module is a business opportunity, to evolve in several stages knowing how the agent advances the sale, being able to consult all the information and documents exchanged with the client.


crm Neotel crm virtual pbx call center software

Examples of business opportunities

Here are some examples

Example #1:

A real estate company will require its CRM tool to connect directly to real estate portals in order to manage the properties offered for sale.

As well as a specific module to add the properties in portfolio.

The objective of the CRM tool is to make communication between departments in your company fast and efficient.

Example #2:

A company of sale of sports footwear carries out a sale of some slippers through its web. The system will create a shipping request to the logistics department so that they can automatically prepare the shipment. When the logistics department has sent the package, the final customer can receive a notice that the package has already left and is going to the shipping company.

Integration with the telephone switchboard. (CRM + PBX)

In addition to all the administrative and commercial management, the application can be connected to Neotel’s virtual pbx, thus linking incoming calls to the customer’s file that has the phone added.




Communication is becoming more important every day, and investments in telephony are expensive, which is why many companies are not using fax, despite its versatility for sending documents, Neotel with its virtual pbx makes available the ease of sending virtual fax with the comfort of your system and without expensive installations.

What is a Fax?

It is a system that transmits data, written or graphic through telephone technology, also known as facsimile to the technological device that allows you to transmit documents, texts and other data generating a telecopy.

What is a virtual fax?

The term virtual fax or internet fax is used to refer to the service that allows you to send and receive faxes using different means (email, web or office automation and internet connection), which allows you to send and receive faxes without having a fax machine, consumable or telephone line.

How to receive and send internet faxes?

The Virtual Fax server integrated in the Neotel Virtual pbx simplifies the data transmission system. Turn your computer, cell phone or any other device into a Fax machine.

You will only need this application and a terminal connected to the Internet, simplifying the use of this procedure, saving time and getting more out of your company’s instant communications.

As easy as entering the recipient’s number from your email or customer area, the documents will reach the recipient as a Fax. It works the other way around as well.

Fax by Voip. Send a fax by internet: mail2fax

To send an Internet fax thanks to the virtual voip fax, we only need to send an email attaching the file in PDF format.

With Neotel’s online fax device this PDF file will be automatically sent to the phone number provided in the email’s subject.

Receiving an Internet fax: fax2mail

As with sending a virtual fax, receiving an Internet fax is much simpler and more accessible than using the old machine.

You will need to have a telephone number assigned to you to receive the faxes, and the PDF documents will be sent to this terminal.

If they are images, the device will convert them into PDF format and they will be sent immediately to the designated e-mail address.

Possible numbers


virtual pbx

You can request both national and international numbers (over 200 countries), so if you need a fax in Madrid, Moscow or New York is only a matter of minutes to have it operational.


Signaling: Selective and Dynamic

Having a friendly and close relationship with your customers can be the difference between being successful or being part of the service or product companies, as users see you allow to improve your sales, to improve sales Neotel offers you the signaling module that allows you to adjust the phone number you call from.

What is signaling?

It is a module integrated into the virtual pbx that allows you to modify the telephone number displayed on outgoing calls



call center software

Using a simple code you can access to the use of the same outgoing call number that the customer has for a single extension and for all the extensions of the switchboard

If you wish you can make the use for outgoing calls permanent


It is possible to program from the system so that calls to certain destinations are shown one or another of the numbers.

Advantages of signaling

The appreciation and confidence of the client for being called from a prefix they know, reinforcing the value of the brand and image to the public.


virtual pbx

Possibility of using different prefixes according to the need of each call.

Used with call center software is the best combination to help both agents and customers.


Incoming call statistics: Record everything your customers say

Having total control of what happens in your company, with your customers and especially in the call center software is possible thanks to the statistics of incoming calls, achieves a better image, less waiting time and greater productivity thanks to the reports that this module will provide.

What is the call statistics module?


call statistics virtual pbx

It is a record of the incoming calls in queue, answered or not, how long they wait before being answered, conversation time once answered and the total time of this call.

What do you achieve with the call statistics?

With Neotel’s incoming call statistics module you can have exhaustive control of the calls you receive in the call center.

You can create waiting lines, so the user will know that there are telemarketers working and will be attended shortly.

With the report to the customer of his position before being attended, estimated time of response that guarantees the good attention that the user deserves.

Benefits for the agent

Benefits for the agent

  • Real-time information
  • History of calls received from the client (answered or not)
  • Graphic representations of the information generated

Benefits for the call center coordinator

For the coordinator this statistics module will provide information on each call (call time, consumer waiting time and operator free time).

Additionally, he or she will obtain statistics on time slots, conversational times of each agent, with the appropriate filters for personalized searches that allow the evaluation of the means for telephone service.

For the entrepreneur

It allows the proper organization of work, establishing efficient schedules for agents, reducing customer waiting times and avoiding leisure time


Improves communication with customers

For any company the communication with their customers is vital, and in this era of globalization does not escape it, so with this module you can:


  • Call Center Coordinator
  • Measuring calls per queue
  • Set time slots (according to volume)
  • Listen and download the recordings


CDR module Neotel tails

The Neotel CDR Queues module allows you to have exhaustive control of the incoming calls you receive in your Call Center.

This system creates call queues informing the customer in which position he is to contact an agent.

This way the user will know that there are operators working behind the line and that he will soon be attended.

Improve communication with your customer thanks to this module.


Monitoring: Recording, Spying and Whispering

Many companies are increasingly using call center agents who work remotely, either by teleworking or seeking to reduce labor by hiring through outsourcing to lower costs, so monitoring is the best process thanks to the recording, spying and whispering, where everything is within reach for inspection.

What is the monitoring module?


monitoring virtual pbx spy and whisper

Es el módulo que ofrecen algunas compañías de centralitas virtuales que permiten la supervisión, control y verificación de la evolución del personal a su cargo.

Asimismo permitirá conocer el trato que se le da al cliente a la hora de una llamada telefónica.

¿Cómo trabaja el módulo de grabación, espía y susurro de Neotel?

Este sistema de monitorización le permite un registro y grabado de llamadas telefónicas entrantes y salientes.

No requiere adquisición de hardware específico así como tampoco la instalación de ningún software.

Las grabaciones estarán disponibles hasta 2 meses después de la misma, que pueden ser descargadas donde y cuando quiera, solo con acceso a internet.

Módulo espía y susurro

El servicio de Spy and Whisper es una aplicación que permite escuchar todas las llamadas recibidas o hechas desde su empresa, pudiendo comunicarse con el agente que está realizando la llamada y guiar para la atención que amerita el cliente, sin ser escuchado por el interlocutor principal.

Con el servicio SPY and Whisper y a través del interface web de su PBX usted podrá usar una herramienta que le ayudará a la formación de sus teleoperadores.

Por ultimo si realizas contrataciones o ventas vía telefónica se puede verificar las ventas con el módulo verificación de tercero.

Instalación del sistema Spy

Para la instalación y posterior uso de este servicio, no requiere instalación in situ de ningún tipo de dispositivo, solamente deberá darse de alta en el servicio a través del centro de atención al cliente y Neotel se encargará de conectar el SPY a la red de teléfonos de su empresa.

Ventajas de la Monitorización

Dentro de las muchas ventajas que ofrece este módulo destacan las siguientes:

  • Seguimiento de la evolución del personal
  • Registro, almacenaje y descarga de grabaciones (hasta por 2 meses)
  • Intervenir al agente para mejorar errores de atención
  • Consentimiento verbal de ventas hechas por teléfono
  • Mejore sus comunicaciones externas
  • Conocer la calidad de la atención al cliente


Grabadora virtual

Dentro de los productos de Neotel esta la grabadora virtual la cual permite que las conversaciones realizadas o recibidas desde cualquier extensión quedan almacenadas hasta por dos meses automáticamente sin necesidad de preocupaciones  pudiendo ser descargadas bajo demanda desde donde usted quiera.

Más productos de Neotel

Pregunte por cualquieros de nuestros productos que ayudaran a su empresa a tener mayor presencia, calidad y versatilidad ante la atención en linea.

Dentro de las ventajas de nuestros productos están:

  • Instalación profesional (Incluye botón click2call en su web)
  • No requiere contratos de permanencia
  • Telefonía IP de alta calidad (20 años de experiencia)
  • Presupuestos sin compromiso


El módulo de Monitorización de Neotel permite conocer la calidad de los servicios de cara al cliente siendo la herramienta de aprendizaje, formación y evaluación que repercutirá positivamente.



Telemarketing Surveys: To get the information you need

The objectives for telemarketing surveys are varied whether you want to know the opinion of your customers, measure the level of satisfaction or monitor quality, and having the best tools to carry it out is vital to achieve the objectives set, asking customers how you can improve your services, products and more…

What do Telemarketing Surveys do?

It maintains a fluid feedback with its clients about products or services in order to achieve a self-evaluation and evolve in the market.

With the telephone survey service you will obtain valuable information related to your brand, the competition and the market situation that will help you make more accurate and effective decisions.

How does the Neotel Telemarketing Module work?

Through a simple call made from our virtual pbx, a series of questions are asked and answered using the keys on the phone.

One of the most effective ways used for telemarketing surveys is after finishing a call with one of your agents.

The questions can be about the product, service or treatment received during the call.

Advantages of the telemarketing survey module

The use of this Neotel service that is included in your monthly fee has the following advantages

  • Values the internal work
  • Improves your company’s image
  • It builds customer loyalty

What makes it possible to know these surveys?


Information is power, and knowing what and how the customer values the products, services and quality of care will allow the necessary changes through this information received.

In addition to achieving the highly valued objective of customer feedback, these services provide valuable information for commercial prospecting campaigns.

Importance of customer feedback

Feedback is a valuable factor for any company, thanks to the opinion of customers, users or contractors can know how to evolve the business or the platform.

Another important point of the feedback is to direct, focus and evolve services enhancing according to the user’s evaluations.

By creating survey systems, executing customer satisfaction campaigns and requesting possible improvements, you can turn this data into very useful information for your company.

Turn customers into fans


virtual pbx

A customer buys once and maybe not more, an admirer will not only buy several times, but it will be his best publicity.

By maintaining a proactive attitude with customers you will build long lasting relationships. Get first-hand feedback on the product, service or treatment received.

Knowing if this person trusts in your company or how they perceive it, will optimize the improvements of the image achieving a greater loyalty.

The opinion of your customers is the key to a safer future.

To know more about the service


telemarketing surveys

If you have any questions about our customer survey service, please contact us without obligation. We look forward to your comments. An agent will contact you as soon as possible.

Check the survey information using Neotel’s virtual pbx monitoring that allows you to record, register and listen to all calls entering or leaving the extensions, as well as intervene in any call that is not to your liking.


Click to call me back: Quick attention and sales

The immediacy, speed and quality in business communications will bring a benefit in the positive assessments of their customers, as well as, economic benefits in the short, medium and long term, the attention of your company should be more direct and effective through the use of the click to call me back.

What is the click to call me back button?

It is an application that allows you to contact the user who visits your website, only by entering his number in the next minutes (maximum a few hours) an agent contacts him.

The implementation of this Neotel service is just a click away.

Advantages of Call Me Back

The big advantage is instantaneousness. By simply activating the application, any user who visits your website can request commercial assistance, customer service or consumer service in real time

This application unites real and direct customer service providing a good image, good treatment and outstanding service.

Another great advantage is the ease of implementation, you do not need installation, configuration or any sophisticated program, only needs a click. We highlight the other advantages of the service

  • Speed and immediacy in communications
  • Improvement and reinforcement of your company’s image
  • Optimization of the telephone attention, being more direct
  • Increased telephone attention with likelihood of increased sales

sistema para call center

Click to Call users

With this innovative customer service, any website can include a “click to call” application, making use of its advantages to establish a relationship of trust with the consumer, as well as a high probability of purchasing the services or products.

How to get the module: Call me back?

Neotel offers a program for the development of online customer service, which is special, individual and customizable for each website that wants to incorporate this great application for the sales strategy.

The click to call also generates the call to the final customer from any number of the company that owns the website so that the adaptation to the customer’s needs and the solution of the problem are optimal.

telefonía ip

It should be underlined the fact that the installation of this application includes the clauses on data protection of users as well as the security system needed for the user not to receive fraudulent calls.

Why choose Neotel’s Click to Call me Back?

Neotel’s virtual VoIP PBX includes click to call me back that you can configure 100% customizable.

They also offer the following competitive advantages:

  • Professional installation of the click2call button on your website
  • Freedom: no permanence contracts
  • High-quality IP telephony since 2000
  • Ask for an estimate without any obligation



This click to call me back service is an excellent combination for the call center system to complement each other and improve the customer service experience


Interactive Voice Response IVR: Save while maintaining quality

The services evolve and so does the customer service, every day there are more companies that have a phone system that asks questions and the customer responds by pressing the keys on the phone, that is the IVR interactive voice response system, for its acronym in English, this system will allow you to save a lot of money without compromising the quality of customer service.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone system capable of receiving a call and interacting with the human through voice recordings.

It is an automated system aimed at capturing, delivering and answering via the telephone, which allows access to information services and other operations.

Benefits of IVR

IVR systems handle a large volume of calls by providing quality service, interactive voice response system reduce costs and improve the customer experience, because the caller gets the information they need, any time of day without the need for expensive human staff.

Among the great benefits of this technology are

  • Attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Saves user waiting time
  • Improves business efficiency
  • Automates and speeds up the process
  • No additional software
  • No additional costs


How do IVR systems work?


ivr Neotel

People call the business number and an audio menu is displayed that offers the possibility to select options by pressing the keys.

Pressing a key on the phone sends a DTMF tone to the answering system which selects the appropriate action/response according to the digit pressed.

Advantages of the Neotel IVR system

The system is interactive, oriented and customizable that allows communication with the customer to respond to their concerns.

Neotel’s professional services take advantage of its years of experience and expertise in a large number of installed systems

Neotel uses the most modern tools, opinions and techniques to implement, design and develop applications with voice features.

This is a new IVR system that offers the ability to handle incoming telephone inquiries through enhanced interactions, very similar to human ones.

Why Choose Neotel for IVR?


Neotel’s IVR (Interactive Interactive Voice Response) allows almost human interactions allowing self-service and successful resolution of the vast majority of problems.

The service experience is intuitive, being able to anticipate customers’ needs by interacting naturally, in their own words.

It creates a personalized, adaptive and intelligent experience that customers perceive as if they were talking to a human agent.

Automatic queuing

In a practical, efficient and fast way, when receiving a call in queue, the customer is told how many people are in front of him.

In the same way, when the agent receives the call, he indicates the waiting time that the customer has, allowing him to speed up the call for future calls.