Voiceovers for PBX IVR operator, try them!

Whether you are a medium, small or large company, Neotel’s Professional Voiceovers service is what you need.

Are you looking for a locution for your switchboard with several foreign voices? Would you like the Neotel team to revise or translate your locution script? Do you want infinite modifications for your locution? Maybe multiple takes? Or does your company prefer a more modern locution, using background music, or do you prefer a more relaxing music on the contrary? Male, female voice, … In Neotel we have them all! Fill out this form now and send us your script with the locution you want. We deliver the voice-overs in a very short period of time. Insured! And from only 7,50 €.


Why your company needs a virtual call center software like Neotel’s

The most basic rule for companies to be interested in setting up a virtual call center: increase productivity within it. Neotel’s virtual call center software allows, among other advantages, to generate multiple statistics and reports to obtain the information that will help you to improve the management of your company and record calls. Neotel’s virtual call center will allow that, when receiving a call in your company, what is known as IVR or interactive voice response will be activated, so that then the call will be put in a waiting queue and finally an available agent will attend it.


Neotel’s Virtual call center is intelligent



A virtual call center also offers other benefits in addition to those already mentioned:

  • Improved productivity and business efficiency.
  • Reduction of costs since the virtual call center does not require any initial costs.
  • Cloud systems are accessible at any time and allow all resources to be hosted in one place.
  • Facilitates the improvement of workers’ quality of life.
  • The company can be part of the innovation of the current technological era.

Hiring a virtual call center with Neotel are all benefits

Being able to do all call management and work from the cloud provides great benefits.


call center software

In addition to that, and as we have already mentioned, thanks to the use of a virtual call center, the company will not need new offices, new equipment, extra software or any installation of hardware; the flexibility of working allows workers to feel safer within their working environment and not think about looking for other options; the cloud contact center or virtual call center means that workers no longer have to be physically in the same place, which brings very attractive advantages.


call center virtual

Thanks to Neotel’s virtual call center, agents feel freer, less tied down, the company saves large amounts of money and improves the quality of the work that is done on a daily basis.

The virtual call center represents a great change to the traditional model

Advances in technology offer great advantages to communications and telephony systems in companies.

Expand your business with Neotel and become a Partner

You are one step away from becoming a Neotel partner and getting commissions for the sales you make in a very easy way. To become a Neotel partner just fill out the form you will find on this page and we will contact you next.

Contact Neotel now and find out how to become a distributor of our services.

You will have our distribution material for Partners, to have the backing of the Neotel brand, and from Neotel we promise to send you all the information at resource level that you may need as our partner. As a Neotel distributor, you know that you have the best telephone assistance support at your disposal to solve doubts or guide you through the process.


Improve your own brand image

He’ll never be alone. From the beginning we have always been committed to improving the quality of our services by adapting our software tools to the needs of our customers.


telefonía ip

Get attractive commissions based on your sales. Neotel’s distributor program complements your current business perfectly. You can earn more income by becoming an official distributor of Neotel. ip telephony is growing every day, and for this reason we seek to expand our staff of distribution partners of our services.


Boost your business with the Neotel Distributor Program


IP Telephony Distributors VOIP DISTRIBUTION Become a distributor

Without assuming maintenance or acquisition costs, without the need to invest in its own structures and without permanence, Neotel’s service distribution program is the solution for those who need a new source of income to the current one. We have the widest experience and since 2001 Neotel has consolidated itself as the leading operator of voip/ip telephony in Spain. We work for any country so being a distributor of our products you know that there are no geographical barriers either.


No risks for you

You have already seen some of the advantages of the Neotel partner program and if you need to know more about how it works just contact Neotel.

Make the most of your call center software by integrating the Neotel crm

In Neotel we believe that the integration of our crm with the switchboard can be a very good opportunity. If in your work your clients are not also the first thing for you, this is a mistake that could lead to more serious consequences at a later date.next in Neotel we will analyze the advantages of integrating the crm into your call center:


1. Collaboration between departments


premium virtual call recorder

In addition to the sales department, other departments may need customer information in order to carry out their actions. If you hire our crm that is integrated into our virtual pbx for your call center you will be getting a very powerful tool for information management. Any department that requires at any given time to know X information about a customer can access a database very organized and represented in a really intuitive interface, which is the crm.

2. Mobility

Thanks to Neotel’s webrtc lines it is no longer necessary to find us anywhere. With a device with internet connection we can make and receive calls as if it were the office.

3. Reports

Thanks to the information we obtain through the Neotel crm, we can access data that would not be possible without the crm. It is necessary to think that inside the crm there is absolutely all the information referring to each one of the clients, its invoicing history, client file, incidences, etc.


call center software

4. Call recording

Although when you contract our call center software you already have a system for recording all outgoing and incoming calls, at Neotel we went a step further and introduced the premium virtual recorder. The difference of this with respect to the standard one is in its limitations, that with the premium recorder do not exist, whereas with the standard call recorder our recordings are eliminated after 2 months.

5. Pop-up windows


webrtc line

Thanks to crm, when a customer calls our company, the agent who is going to answer the call can see a pop-up window on screen with the most relative information of that customer to anticipate the conversation and thus be able to give a better service.


virtual pbx

Without the crm, when a customer calls us, the agent will need to ask for their name and look for the customer’s file or fill it in if it doesn’t exist. This means more time and the possibility of mistakes.


crm + virtual pbx

The following CRM form “Customer Relationship Management”. Integrating Neotel’s crm into your call center system will bring your company innumerable advantages.


How to increase the ROI of your call center with an automatic dialer?

Are you wondering how to hire the most suitable automatic dialer for your business? From Neotel we are happy to answer all your questions. All you need to do is contact us now and before you know it you will be working with the automatic dialer. Neotel’s dialer is the intelligent dialer that knows the best time to contact a customer.

Know when to call

Predictive dialers maximize agent productivity because they use algorithms to define the dialing rate based on the customer’s profile and past interaction history. The dialer is able to adjust its own configuration based on aspects such as the time of completion of each call, the average handling, the number of calls connected per hour, the number of agents available in the queue to receive calls, and so on.

Improved conversation rate

Agent talk time increases which translates into better customer engagement.

With intelligent capabilities like answering machine detection the dialer detects if the number is being answered by a machine, disconnected or busy, and therefore the agent does not have to wait for a person to answer. The dialer will automatically dial the next number.


Higher call connection rate


call center software

The automatic dialer will change the way you do business while making life easier for your agents. Predict, analyze and innovate based on changing requirements to deliver high call volumes consistently. This software analyzes the availability of agents and routes the call to them according to the predefined algorithm.

marcador predictivo

How many numbers do you dial daily? And how many of them connect? The Neotel dialer is the best tool that exists for companies that work with interaction with customers.

Neotel bets on cloud communications for companies

Neotel aims to consolidate its leadership position in virtual telephony services for companies in Spain, maintaining its position as a leading operator in the development of new telephony solutions and providing savings, innovation and quality.Neotel bets on cloud telephony for companies including multiple solutions all its own and developed internally.


Dimensioning: unlimited system of incoming calls.

Updates: maintenance of the system via always free updates.

Scalability: solutions adapted to the growth of each company.

Multi-site: communications between sites are always free.

Online configuration: configuration of the switchboard managed from the cloud.

Savings: you can talk for much less money than you are used to.

Neotel has been betting on these services since 2001.

Steps to start using voip telephony in my business or at home

Find out what you need to start using IP telephony and/or if you already have some of the necessary items:

1. IP telephony operator: Neotel

You need an ip telephony operator who will give you the line and the telephone number.

2. Software softphone, ip adapter or ip phone

  • There are some applications, known as “softphones” that provide a dialer with which to make ip calls as if it were a normal ip phone. These applications are not bad at all but have a serious flaw: they are not free. In addition, to use the same this implies us to have to install an extra app for our routine work. From Neotel we want that you, our customers, do not have to install any additional application, and, that you do not pay absolutely anything for this application. For this Neotel offers to all its users the webrtc lines. At first sight they work just like a commercial softphone, only that Neotel’s webrtc line is 100% free and our softphone (webrtc dialer) is integrated into the same application (Neotel’s web application).
  • Home landline + ip adapter. You can use the conventional landline phone to talk with ip telephony, connecting it with an ip adapter.
  • A voip phone. It is a phone specially designed to work with ip telephony. Take full advantage of all the features of ip telephony.

3. Internet connection


webrtc line

If you are already willing to start saving on telephony and you have discovered voip telephony, with this article we hope you will have a clearer idea of the options available to you.


llamadas por ip



IP telephony is a change in telephony as you knew it.

The importance of voip solutions to make your business effective

Every day more and more companies are migrating their traditional telephony systems and communications to voip solutions such as Neotel presents.

Voip solutions are cheap in terms of administration

If your organization is being built now, what better time than now to start with the best telecommunications system for your company; logically we are talking about Neotel’s voice ip.


webrtc line

Receiving and not missing any calls is a difficult task in a call center. Voip solutions are the best tool so that your company is always “open” to customers and you as an entrepreneur do not lose any important communication.

Never miss a call

Voip solution helps your business be effective

The webrtc lines are the perfect solution for those companies that want to work with the advantages of a softphone but without any of its disadvantages. Our webrtc line for clients works without the need to install any payment software or 3rd party application.

Operation and concept of Virtual Fax

Contact our experts now to integrate a complete virtual fax solution!

You still don’t have a virtual fax in your company? The image you transmit to your company is important. And the fact that your customers see that you are respectable with the environment and you care about it as well as being aware, helps you to further improve the image they have about you. By implementing a virtual fax system in your company you become more environmentally friendly. In addition, the savings on paper at the end of the year are not exactly small.


Virtual fax: improve your corporate image and reduce costs

Another advantage of the virtual fax in your company is that the documents are computerized so you are protecting yourself from possible losses.

Advantages of implementing virtual fax

Uno de los puntos más a destacar en el proceso de la digitalización de las empresas es el correcto control y la gestión de los documentos. Con el fax virtual de Neotel esto resulta más fácil.

Simplemente adjunta el archivo en formato pdf y olvídate de nada más. Mucho más rápido que con las antiguas máquinas de fax.

¿Sabías que con la herramienta de fax virtual que ofrece Neotel puedes enviar faxes desde cualquier parte del mundo? No importa dónde estés. Tan solo se necesita un dispositivo cualquier conectado a internet.

Además con el fax virtual de Neotel no tenemos que preocuparnos por comprar una máquina de fax con el consiguiente ahorro de dinero que esto nos supondrá. Además de ahorro en espacio físico.

El fax no está muerto para nada. Aunque el fax tradicional cada vez está más obsoleto en las empresas. Y es por esto que Neotel piensa en la solución de fax virtual para sus clientes.