Reasons why companies use a call recorder

Having a contact center software is vital to adopt IP telephony and develop effective marketing campaigns. However, there is another compelling reason why many companies are hiring this type of service: the call recorder. The current business climate has made visible the business need to record at least all calls of a commercial nature. To tell the truth, recording commercial calls is nowadays more than necessary. Sometimes, the same laws force business owners to take this type of backup, at least for a certain period of time. Be that as it may, the call recorder has become a lifesaver for many companies in the face of government requirements and problematic consumers. Here are a few reasons why this module of the virtual PBX is so important.

To record a purchase of a product or service

premium virtual call recorder

Remote purchases are an increasingly common reality. However, even now, many companies continue to receive complaints and denunciations from customers for unauthorized purchases of products and services. Sometimes this is because the consumer does not remember having authorized the purchase, because he/she did not understand the conditions, or simply because he/she wanted to back out. In any case, recording the calls in which purchases of products and services are established allows to clarify the panorama in these cases. If the customer makes a claim or complaint to the consumer protection authorities, the recording is the best way to prove that there was no mistake on the part of the company. Therefore, it is essential to keep a backup of the commercial calls, at least for a while, and this is done with a call recorder. In case of an overcharge claim or unauthorized purchase, the call recorder can always be used by the teleoperator. Generally, what is done is that the system is checked on the day the purchase was agreed and the recording of the conversation is reviewed.

It allows to review failures in the attention of claims.

Another of the most frequently reported incidents in service companies are unresolved claims. This happens a lot with banks, when unduly debited amounts are recorded, or with insurance companies. However, any company offering a service usually has this type of scenario. In fact, some of these cases tend to be complicated by poor management of the teleoperator, or by problems within the system. When a customer complains about a previously made claim that has not been attended, it can be very useful to review the call recorder. This way you can verify if indeed the customer reported a failure and also if the teleoperator who attended him on that occasion, made the report properly. Everything is recorded in the contact center software, which is an interconnected system that records everything. Companies that use a database or CRM benefit a lot from a call recorder. In case there is no data, action or report recorded in the system, you can always resort to call logging. It should be noted that checking the recordings or the system also allows to know if it was the teleoperator who did not act correctly.

Call recorder enables monitoring of telemarketers

In addition to being a tool that allows companies to cover their backs, the call recorder also helps to verify that the service provided is correct. Any company that has a call center or a group of commercial call handlers must have mechanisms to verify the work of its teleoperators. In fact, the best way to do this is by evaluating recorded commercial conversations. If, for example, a telemarketer made a request incorrectly, the company can take action to offer a solution to a dissatisfied customer. The recording will always allow to know what is happening with the customer service efforts. In Neotel we have one of the most innovative contact center software, easy to use and with a call recorder of excellent performance. Our panel allows you to review the back up very easily, go back and forward in the call, among other things. For those companies that want really extensive records we have the premium call recorder. The capacity of this is one terabyte, which ensures up to two years of uninterrupted recordings. The advantages of the virtual PBX are innumerable and its add-on modules are amazing for business growth. If you need to make a backup of the commercial calls that come to your company, contact us.

Robot call: Use “robots” to communicate with your customers

There is a great debate about the use of robotics in the different tasks that have been performed by human beings up to now. Talking about robots seems to be an expensive, futuristic and, moreover, harmful to people’s work. To tell the truth, this is far from reality and an example of this is the robot call. A very simple application of automation, economical, of the present and, moreover, functional.

Many robotics applications are already being used without us even realizing it. For example, some of the things we do on a computer involve some level of automation. Similarly, as consumers and business customers we are also served by such applications. Now, we must first understand what a robot call is.

What is a robot call?

robot call

The robot call is an automated system that allows companies to send calls with voicemail messages to customers. To tell the truth, it is called this way because of the robotized voice that gives the message when users answer the call. It should be noted that this is the least robotic part.

Certainly, the robot call is an automated application and this makes it enter to some extent within the field of robotics. It should be remembered that automation implies performing tasks by means of systems that are controlled autonomously. Precisely, this application found in our virtual switchboard software, performs an automatic task: to launch calls with recorded messages.

We have all heard at some time in our lives a business message transmitted thanks to a robot call. For example, when a telephone company launches a recorded call with billing and cut-off date, we are in the presence of this implement. It is precisely this that is done in an automated way.

How does the robot call work?

The robot call is a module of the virtual PBX software, i.e. a program that can be operated from a simple computer. Almost all applications of this type work in a similar way: the message to be voiced is written, a list of telephone numbers is programmed and the system takes care of launching the calls in an automated way. All this is done in a very short time and the reach of this implementation is massive.

Some programs can be very complicated despite their high cost. At Neotel, we offer this application with a very easy to use interface. To tell the truth, automated applications applied to businesses should not be so difficult to operate. Of course, the robot call is a useful application that handles a very simple level of automation.

Robot call is basically a call launcher and, in fact, has the same operation. Only instead of launching calls that will be addressed by telemarketers, they have a recorded message that is voiced by a robotic voice. The best thing is that this is a very effective telemarketing medium that is accepted by customers.

The robot call is not perceived as “annoying”.

When people hear the word telemarketing, they usually picture telemarketers calling to sell. While there are many lines of business that operate this way and it works, there are others in which this type of call might be considered “annoying” by some customers. In contrast, robot call messages are generally well received by most consumers.

In plain words, robot calls are not perceived by customers as telemarketing actions, although they are in fact telemarketing actions. This good perception is evidence of the ability of this application to successfully disseminate business messages. Companies that use this technology tend to enjoy a good perception by their customers and users, because this type of communication is not considered annoying.

It could be said that the robot call is among the most popular telemarketing tools among customers. Like bulk SMS, this is an efficient advertising medium that many consumers are open to. Its immediacy and the shortness of its messages are really advantageous features. This is a good reason to start working with this telemarketing software module.

With Neotel you can automate business communications

Automation and robotics applied to business are increasingly necessary innovations. Some of their applications are very basic and simple to operate. Rather than eliminating jobs, these are tools that make the work of telemarketers, salespeople and those in charge of the commercial activity of companies more efficient.

Implements such as the call robot and other call launchers are very easy to use automations. The result of their implementation is the possibility of carrying out massive campaigns of divulgation, sales, offers and any other type of activity related to marketing. At Neotel, we adapt some of these modules to our virtual PBX software so that you can help your company achieve more sales. Contact us in case you are interested.

Service companies require predictive dialer

Service companies must focus efforts and resources on communication with their customers. Whether the company is large or small, new or experienced, the call center is simply necessary. Both the call center and the outbound department will be indispensable. In the case of the latter, the best way to increase telemarketer productivity is through predictive dialer.

Service companies need to make outbound calls en masse for multiple reasons. One might think that telemarketing is their only reason. However, most of these companies have many other jobs that involve calling their customers in order to be developed. With this in mind, it is essential to look for ways to improve productivity and the predictive dialer is probably the most efficient of them all.

What is the predictive dialer?

In the most efficient outbound call departments, progressive call launchers are often used. These are systems that perform the dialing automatically, so that productivity does not depend on telemarketers. This type of dialer is known as a predictive dialer.

predictive dialer

The predictive dialer owes its name to the predictive operation that characterizes its system. Dialing is performed when the application senses that an operator should be available to attend a customer. Better yet, this dialer acts in such a way that it seeks to increase productivity within the department, i.e., more calls are launched and answered by the operators on the floor.

The predictive dialer is ideal for service companies because they tend to have a considerable call volume. The larger a company’s phone lists are, the more necessary the implementation of these predictive campaigns will be. In the case of very small departments, a call center progressive dialer can be implemented.

What is the progressive dialer?

The progressive dialer is another type of dialer in a call center. Basically, there are different types of dialers and this one behaves a little differently from the predictive one. Instead of predicting when the operators will be free to attend the customer, it launches the calls progressively, every so often.

The progressive dialer is a type of call launcher that works very well for departments with a low volume of work. For example, a very new service company can use this system to offer its services via telephone call. It is also useful to have this application when the company is dedicated to very exclusive services, with a really small client list.

The important thing to know is that the most important types of dialing in a call center are predictive and progressive. These systems facilitate the work of outbound departments enormously. In general, human operators get tired and even more so when obtaining a sale is difficult. In these cases, the best thing to do is to have a machine launch the calls, and that is what dialers do.

Telemarketing software: business communication for growth

The progressive and predictive dialer are modules found in some telemarketing software today. In the case of Neotel’s software, this is an add-on that can be added to the basic functionality of the virtual PBX. Many of our customers with outbound calling departments implement these systems to make their campaigns much more efficient, no matter what they are. Call launchers are used to increase the volume of business calls in order to:

Improve telemarketing campaigns.
Perform collection tasks.
Deliver products, services and offers to customers.
Billing reminders.
Direct telephone surveys.
Any other type of outbound calling campaign

Of course, the predictive dialer is just one of the additional modules of our virtual switchboard service. This type of software, oriented to customer service and marketing, has many useful tools for any type of company. It is worth mentioning that our software is one of the most innovative and advanced in the market. At Neotel, we have 20 years of experience in the field of business communication.

At Neotel we have the best plans for you to enjoy the advantages of the virtual PBX service. You do not need a large investment to have such useful tools as call launchers. If you are interested in this technological solution, you can contact us.

Progressive dialer: Call your customers and speed up your commercial activity

Today’s businesses must have call centers to keep in touch with consumers. It is also important to have a group of telemarketers who make outgoing calls. The latter is useful for telemarketing, but also for dealing with certain commercial activity and collection tasks. Companies that are just starting their call center will find a great ally in the progressive dialer.

Companies that offer services usually need this type of department even more. It should be noted that, in principle, a large call center room is not necessary. By hiring a virtual switchboard, a very efficient and integrated service can be generated.

Progressive scoreboard: What is it about?

progressive dialer

Businesses that work with outbound call departments understand that maintaining a high contact flow is important. The higher the call volume, the higher the chances of achieving the stated objectives. This is a maxim of this type of call center. Unfortunately, leaving the action of calling up to human beings is often a problem to maintain high productivity in this type of campaign.

To avoid this, call launchers, automated systems that perform the task of calling intelligently, were created. By incorporating them, the human operator is simply in charge of talking to the customers, in case they answer the business call. Precisely, the progressive dialer is a launcher characterized by the progressive dialing of calls.

It should be noted that this type of dialer is ideal for small companies or those with a small call volume. By having not so large contact lists or small campaigns, progressive dialers allow you to get the job done with the necessary efficiency. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to start building call center departments.

There are several types of dialing in a call center

The progressive dialer is just one of the types of call center dialing that exist. For example, call centers of large companies usually use the predictive dialer. This has a much more complex system that allows to predict when an operator is free to answer a call launched from the company itself. Its job is to make the outbound department more efficient every day.

Predictive campaigns work best when the volume of work is large. Typically, this type of campaign is broad and has much more ambitious goals. For example, a bank or an insurance agency is likely to use this type of marker and not the progressive one. In fact, a progressive call center dialer would not be able to adequately handle the volume of a large company, which needs to make many calls per day.

The progressive and predictive dialer must therefore be geared for different types of companies. Otherwise, it is very likely that the dialer will not be able to increase productivity in outbound calls, but quite the opposite. Therefore, it is important to know a little about these tools that are part of the virtual PBX service.

Call center call software: a solution for entrepreneurs

The virtual switchboard service is not only for companies that have a fully constituted call center. In fact, any type of company, regardless of its size, can take advantage of the benefits of this program. A small family business, with two people in charge of attending to customers could use some of the functions of this software and boost its business.

The virtual switchboard is known as call center software. However, you do not need to have such a department to use it. Tools such as the progressive dialer make it an attractive bet for telemarketing. But, just as this module exists, this type of programs also include others of great utility to increase the visualization of any type of enterprise. Call launchers are just a taste of all the qualities of this application.

At Neotel we have the best virtual switchboard service on the market. Our software is advanced, easy to use, innovative and incorporates luxury add-ons. In addition, we offer plans so that any entrepreneur can count on this useful tool. We have 20 years of experience in this business, which makes our program a safe bet… Contact us!

WebRTC line: browser-based communication is the future

The call centers of the past worked only with traditional telephone calls. Today’s call centers incorporate new forms of communication that are much more innovative, complete and in real time. Behind all this approaching future is the WebRTC line.

Certainly, communications seek to establish more vivid, closer and quality interactions every day. This is only possible with the WebRTC line, which implements the Internet as a mechanism for enhanced communication. Part of this can be seen in social networks, but companies can also have their own digital tools to get closer to their customers.

webrtc line

An approach to the WebRTC Line

The WebRTC line is a type of technology and a technological support that facilitated the creation of communication apps in web environments. It is thanks to this system that, for example, people today have a section for exchanging direct messages, making video calls and more on their social network accounts. Likewise, this is what made possible the creation of web pages oriented to videoconferencing.

All applications that allow us to chat with other people are based on the WebRTC Line. Now, from the virtual switchboard that companies like Neotel offer, entrepreneurs can have their own digital environment to communicate with their customers. This is important, because it brings seriousness and formality to companies.

A company that communicates and sells through social networks is not as reliable. In fact, negotiating through these media usually involves some stress and distrust at the beginning, for many consumers. On the contrary, having a line for calls by navigation and own environments for chat and video calls is synonymous with professionalism. Of course, most people want to feel that they are dealing with professional companies.

 What is the virtual PBX?

If you were wondering what a virtual PBX is, it is basically a business communications management system. This program allows, for example, to unify different terminals under a single number, which is what happens in a call center. Nowadays, there is no need for large installations or equipment for several operators to attend a company’s customers. With this type of software, it is more than enough.

With this type of call center software you can monitor communications and know how is the flow of calls to the company. Likewise, the work of the operators in charge of customer service and telemarketing can be supervised. The functions and opportunities generated by this program are innumerable.

Today, the virtual PBX is more than just a call center software. In fact, this program comes with special modules for marketing, involving the use of text messaging, web pages and other automated systems that facilitate communication and sales. Interfaces such as Neotel’s integrate many applications that are both effective and easy to use.

How will the company of the future communicate?

Right now, companies are experiencing a change in their communication approach. Until a few years ago, calling the call center was the way for customers to raise their problems and requests. Similarly, many businesses used telemarketing calls to promote the purchase of their products and services. Today, more modern companies are beginning to offer higher quality communication.

For example, some of the most revolutionary companies are now serving their customers through video calls. In this way, they offer greater proximity to the user and, of course, much more fruitful and simple dialogues. It is not the same to explain to the customer how to repair something by means of a phone call, as it is to do it in a didactic way by means of a real-time video call.

The companies of the future will be much closer to their customers. Telemarketers will have to engage in much warmer, more assertive conversations that evoke the company’s values. Precisely the resources of the WebRTC line will be needed to do this with the level of professionalism required.

At Neotel we offer you the WebRTC Line service.

Having a WebRTC line is basically having a telephone line that works over the Internet. Likewise, it implies having virtual environments suitable for business communication. To obtain this, you only need to acquire our virtual switchboard service, a call center software with really useful tools. If you are interested, contact us and enjoy all our technological solutions.

call center software

Call center software: the best of marketing at your disposal

Companies and entrepreneurs can spend up to 7000 euros per month in hiring digital marketing agencies. However, call center software is a tool that allows effective business campaigns at a much lower cost. You don’t need to be a marketing genius to get a lot out of this digital tool. Nor do you need to have a room full of operators to get the best results. The virtual PBX is often referred to as a call center system. Although its origin has to do with this type of department, today this is a much more complete, multifunctional tool and offers very advanced modules in the marketing area. Next, you will see how this application can generate a wide impact on the market and help you increase your customer base.

What about digital marketing agencies?

call center software

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a quick option to achieve some positive indicators in companies. However, this usually has a high cost and many times, agencies do not guarantee a higher flow of sales. Generally, their indicators have to do with the number of followers, “likes” and other metrics of reach, typical of social networks. Of course, this does not mean that hiring digital marketing agencies is in vain. In fact, one of the best kept secrets of some of the best ones is that they hire call center software to improve the reach of their campaigns. This type of company knows the potential of the virtual switchboard to generate valuable information for the company’s business growth. Others, on the other hand, only focus on social networks and websites, which is a mistake at a commercial level. It is known that a large percentage of consumers still rely on phone calls to communicate with their favorite companies. In truth, the right thing to do in marketing is to develop strategies that exploit all avenues of communication. Web sites matter a lot these days, but they are not the only effective marketing avenue. Nothing can be neglected when it comes to sales.

Call center software: How does it increase sales?

We often associate call center software as a tool used only to make calls. To this we must add the fact that telesales does not have the best reputation among consumers. The fact is that the virtual PBX has modules that help us to avoid having to use telesales directly. The following three applications are very efficient marketing complements to this program:

Robot call: The robot call is a module that allows to launch voice calls automatically. No human operator speaks, but simply transmits a short and concise recorded message. This tool has proven to be very useful for many large companies. The best thing is that it is a resource that is not considered invasive for customers.
Click to call me back button: Those who think that call center software is only used for calling are wrong. The click to call me back is a plugin that is placed on the business website. When customers are interested in a product or service, they enter it and leave their phone number for a company manager to call them back. From this point on, web pages stop being static and become sales boosters.
Bulk SMS platform: Sending bulk SMS to customers is probably one of the most effective methods in marketing. In fact, its open rate is over 95%, far exceeding the mere 20% of email marketing. Ironically, telemarketing agencies today prefer to promote email marketing.

These are all modules that facilitate communication with the customer in a non-invasive, effective and empathetic way. Customers will always know that your company is with them and this will enhance the dissemination of offers, new products, discounts and other activities that encourage new sales.

What is the price of the virtual PBX?

The best thing about call center software is that its cost is very economical. If you were asking about the price of the virtual pbx, you should know that an entrepreneur just starting out can get this service at its basic level for about 200 euros with Neotel. Of course, acquiring digital marketing add-ons can raise the amount a bit. However, the add-on is usually not that expensive and its effectiveness at the marketing level is worth it. At Neotel we have three plans and a variety of ways to adjust the budget. In our company we encourage the client to choose only those add-ons that he/she needs. In addition, the basic functionalities of the call center software are also very useful for customer service and digital marketing.

Yealink terminals: equip yourself with Internet-enabled telephones

IP telephony is the present and future communication solution for business environments. The world’s largest companies support their telephone calls with broadband Internet connections. For this, only two things are needed: virtual PBX software and telephones that can work with the Internet, such as Yealink terminals.

Certainly, a company that gets the virtual PBX services can use it with a computer, or simply with cell phones. However, the attraction of this program is that it allows even fixed telephones in an office to work with the Internet. It should be noted that this is a necessary adaptation for many reasons.

Not all office telephones work with the Internet

Terminales Yealink

IP telephony is a technology that allows even the phone calls we make to be supported over the Internet. This is something very common nowadays and in fact in social networks it is already very easy to have voice communications through a broadband or data connection. However, it is not the same to enjoy this benefit through a social network as it is to do so freely from the office connection.

With IP telephony, various technological resources can be used to enable a local telephone to be used over an Internet connection. One of them is using devices such as Grandstream Gateways, which adapt the inputs of telephones of a certain age to IP connection. Unfortunately, not all office telephone devices can work with this equipment.

Some telephones from the 1990s can be made to work with IP telephony. However, not all offices have equipment with this capability. Those entrepreneurs who need to renew their inventory of telephone devices can always buy them. In this regard, Yealink terminals are probably the most cost-effective office telephony devices, despite being quite modern.

Yealink terminals: different models waiting for you

The best thing about telephones that work with IP telephony is that they are available in different ranges and prices. They range from the simplest, traditional fixed devices that only allow you to make calls, to the most complex ones that support video conferencing and other really complete functions. In our digital store you can find the following:

Low-end equipment: These would be simple devices, but with the ability to connect to IP telephony. This includes cordless and fixed telephones with small panel and without great features. These are ideal for small offices and receptions.
Mid-range devices: This includes desk phones with functional LED panel and some more advanced IP telephony functions. They allow bluetooth connection, USB for recording and headset connection. These are useful for larger offices and middle management. The simplest ones do not go above 140 euros.
High-end equipment: These are desk phones designed for executives and company directors. Their panels are much larger and allow more complex functions such as videoconferencing with multiple terminals. Their cost is higher, but they are a tool that every business leader should have.

Good cost-benefit ratio

Many might think that office telephones with IP telephony support are very modern and expensive.  In truth, these are office telephony devices very similar to any other. What sets them apart is that they have built-in inputs and systems that allow them to be connected to the Internet.

Of course, everything will depend on the type of Yealink terminal chosen. As explained above, not all departments, positions or offices have the same communication requirements. The important thing is to analyze the needs of the company, the inventory previously available and, based on that, plan the investment.

At Neotel we have several types of telephones, of different ranges and at the best prices. The best thing is that entrepreneurs can choose from a wide variety of models of Yealink terminals.  In addition, our company offers the best PBX VoIP (virtual PBX) software on the market, with proven quality.

Neotel has a deluxe and easy-to-use VoIP PBX

Neotel’s program allows to provide any company with IP telephony, which is more practical, cheaper and with better technological solutions in terms of communication. However, this is just one of the many applications that this type of software has. With the VoIP PBX you can manage a call center, check call statistics, conduct marketing campaigns through various channels, among others.

Undoubtedly, this is more than a program for telemarketers. Contact us and if you need telephone equipment, visit our online store.

Private label PXB Do you want to have your own business?

Creating a business from scratch with a totally original product can take years. On the contrary, establishing a company from previously created, functional and profitable goods or services is an excellent solution to start your own business. This is precisely what Neotel offers with its white label PBX. Entrepreneurs and businessmen have this window of opportunity.

Those who have a minimum investment capital and conditions to offer the service, have in the virtual switchboard an exploitable and interesting product. Those interested will have the best software in the field, as well as the infrastructure of Neotel, a leading company in the market of technological solutions.

What is the white label switchboard


private label pbx

The white label PBX is a commercial line offered by Neotel to entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the business of business communication. Basically, the company offers its virtual switchboard so that others can sell it for a moderate investment. In this way, the entrepreneur can generate profits from our product.

Entrepreneurs who wish to work with the white label PBX will sell the same as Neotel sells, but as if the product were their own. That is, those who enter this line of business will sell the software and other solutions previously created by the company, as if it had been created by them.

In fact, those who enter this business plan will be able to sell our products under their own company name. That is why this program is called “white label”: we provide the product, the system and everything necessary for the entrepreneur to offer it and the brand. Therefore, it is about creating your own company, but with everything ready to operate and sell immediately.

How is the white label switchboard obtained?

With the white label PBX, entrepreneurs acquire the right to sell Neotel products, but under the name of their own company. In this way, their company becomes a firm that provides IP telephony services under its own name, as our company does. The process to opt for this line of business is more or less the following:

Application and investment: The entrepreneur contacts Neotel because he/she is interested in being part of the white label PBX. The amount of investment is set, which is usually very low, so that he/she has the rights to sell the service as if they were his/her own.
Creation of the company: The entrepreneur creates a company legally, with its name and brand elements. It may also happen that the interested parties have a previously registered company. With this they can offer Neotel’s products in the market, without limits and make a total profit from the sales or contracts.
Neotel provides everything necessary to operate: Although the service is sold by the entrepreneur, the entire system is supported by Neotel’s platform and experts. The client will simply be in charge of selling, supported by our software, consulting, technical staff and servers. In case of any doubt, the partner can always count on the company.

Advantages of working with the Neotel white label switchboard

Neotel is a company with twenty years of experience in the field of business technology solutions. Our software manages the communications of thousands of companies in Spain, Europe and also in other continents. Some of the advantages of working with the white label PBX are the following:

High performance software: Our offer in virtual PBX is one of the most complete and recognized in the market. Our software is stable, functional, efficient and this has been proven over the years. Selling this service is a guarantee of good service, which will increase the status of the brand.
Luxury infrastructure: Our software is supported by a high quality infrastructure. Neotel has two database centers with the highest technology and the best experts. We support a product that has no flaws so that entrepreneurs can promote themselves and operate with all the guarantees.
Total profits: Once the investment is made, the profits from the product belong to the new company. The entrepreneur will be able to set his own price or offer his own virtual PBX offer. Neotel delivers the turnkey system and of course, all the necessary technical cooperation.

Best of all, entrepreneurs do not need to have any technical knowledge. All they will do is sell the product as if it were their own, from their own technology solutions company. In the same way, the investors will be able to sell the rest of the special modules of the virtual PBX such as automatic call launchers, the call robot and the rest of the complements that make our virtual PBX the most complete one.

IP telephony resellers: an ingenious way to make money

The collaborative economy is an approach to sharing that is increasingly present in Europe. The most innovative companies are creating distribution lines to increase their impact on the market and of course, the sales margin. Neotel is not lagging behind and is offering its IP telephony reseller program to the public. Those who are interested in selling IP voice PBXs will be able to generate extra profits very easily.

The virtual PBX is a service that is usually required by almost all companies and businesses. From this program, all telephone communication and business marketing tasks are supported. The sale of this type of software is an excellent opportunity to generate income.

IP Telephony Resellers: What is it like to be one?



Neotel has its own means of generating recruitment and business opportunities. However, to further increase its reach it has created a plan to recruit IP telephony resellers. Basically, anyone who wants to spend their free time selling our services can do so and generate revenue.

VoIP distribution does not require a schedule or an office position in the company. In fact, this is an opportunity that Neotel offers to independent sellers and anyone who wants to earn extra money. The goal is to expand our network of reseller partners to generate more customers and revenue.

In plain words, our IP telephony resellers are independent people who offer our services to companies and entrepreneurs. A reseller can have his own job or be a freelancer and join our VoIP reseller program. Every time a sale of the service is achieved, Neotel pays a generous commission.

Neotel IP Telephony Reseller Conditions

Neotel distributors have complete freedom to operate on their own schedule. A distributor can go about his daily business and schedule appointments or sell the product via telephone to acquaintances and companies. Our company’s conditions for this work are as follows:

Individual management: The way, strategies and mechanisms used by Neotel IP telephony distributors to sell depend on each one of them. Some distributors prefer to sell over the phone, while others schedule appointments with companies and possible interested parties. All management is left to the free will of each distributor partner.
Advice and support: Neotel has a lot of information available for distributors to strengthen their presentations and sales. The company guarantees all the necessary support so that the participants of this program can offer the VoIP PBXs and their complementary modules.
Monthly commissions: When a distributor succeeds in selling Neotel’s service, it does not charge a one-time commission per sale. It is important to remember that the virtual PBX is a service and not a product. Therefore, every customer that is acquired generates monthly benefits for IP telephony distributors for the duration of the contract.

Of course, the more contracts a distributor manages to close, the more revenue it generates. Likewise, if the customers that the distributor obtains remain for a long time, the revenue generated is maintained. In other words, each sale can continue to generate revenue.

Setting up a virtual PBX is necessary

Being IP telephony distributors is very profitable because this service is necessary at a business level. The best managed companies and businesses have VoIP PBXs and this is more than an add-on, it is usually a central system beyond the business activity that a company performs.

A virtual PBX is a program that allows to manage all the communication, internal and external, of any company. It works and adapts perfectly to large, medium and small businesses. The possibility of establishing telephone communication via broadband protocol, using office devices, makes billing much cheaper.

Setting up a virtual PBX is often a necessary upgrade that business owners simply don’t know how to do. In fact, many companies do not have such systems because they are not well advised or because they are completely unaware of them. This is precisely where the opportunity for distributors lies.

Neotel has the best tools for callcenter

Promoting Neotel’s products is very easy because the company is well known in the market. Our software is one of the most innovative, stable and profitable, having an experience of 20 years. Some of our customers have been with us for a long time, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe and some countries in America.

Neotel’s virtual PBX is very complete, easy to use and that means it is also easy to sell. It is very different to sell a complicated software with specifications that only a computer engineer can understand, than to promote a program with a simple interface, designed so that anyone can understand it and operate it.

In addition to this, our program has very useful callcenter tools. Some of these facilitate customer service, while others are very effective platforms for business marketing. In addition, our virtual PBX prices are quite affordable, maintaining an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

If you are interested in extra income, have sales skills and some time, you can contact us and join our team of IP telephony distributors, without ties, schedules and with all the facilities that our product provides.

Integrating PBX with third-party software: speed sells

The most successful companies in the world invest in their communication. This basically involves incorporating the best equipment and systems to generate a faster, more pleasant and immediate approach to their customers. However, sometimes all that is necessary to achieve efficiency is to make small adjustments that facilitate the work of customer service. This is precisely what any company or business gains by integrating PBX with third-party software.

Having integrated and organized systems is much more important than it seems. Even using very basic and simple programs, everything can be very chaotic for the telemarketers of a company if the digital tools are disordered. In the business world, chaos often equals wasted time and this in turn means less productivity. The following article can be very helpful for those companies that are forming their call center.

Designing customer service


Integrate Virtual Switchboard with Third Party Software

When a company begins to have a considerable flow of customers, users or sales, it is time to organize the service. Any enterprise involves raising communication processes to produce more sales and generate solutions to the clientele. In fact, serving people and helping them to fulfill a certain need is precisely the origin of any business, its raison d’être.

Companies must not only serve their customers, but they must do so in the best possible way. To this end, call centers or customer service centers have designed processes. In this sense, it is essential that the systems, programs and equipment work in such a way that the greatest number of users can feel well attended. All of this is based on planning.

A fundamental part of this service design has to do with verifying how the programs necessary for management are executed. Basically, databases, applications to raise claims, electronic self-management systems, etc. All this is what the teleoperators of a company use to attend the users of the company. Those who have worked in call centers understand that the systems issue is vital.

Making a difference

A call center whose telemarketers use four or five programs in a haphazard, unintegrated and slow manner simply works poorly. At best, this type of working reality can always be improved. A big step towards improvement is to integrate PBX with third-party software. The concept of this technology solution is quite simple.

Integrating PBX with third-party software consists of adding both the softphone and the telephone answering system, as well as the rest of the programs used in the management in a single environment. In this way, the teleoperators’ work applications become a single great tool for call center management. In addition, this integration allows everything to work more efficiently, quickly and simply.

Websocket technology is often used for this purpose, which simplifies the work in the call center. The best virtual PBX is the one that generates greater productivity, and it is precisely this integration that facilitates this. However, to understand the significance of this, it is much better to look at specific examples.

What is a switchboard and call center like without integrated tools?

Those who have worked in call centers as coordinators or telemarketers can easily understand this type of reality. When the customer service department has non-integrated tools, what usually happens is the following:

Complicated and slow systems: In a call center without application integration, the teleoperator performs his work with difficulties to meet deadlines and goals. This is due to the fact that the programs are diverse, they work slowly and the management becomes more complex.
Difficulty in learning: In this scenario, new entrants who start working in the company may take a long time to understand how to perform their management. The more tools are disconnected from each other, the more difficult it is to approach the job. To this must be added the difficulties of meeting the times required by the company.
Unproductive call center: Poor performance, delays and slow learning on the part of new entrants only degenerates into low production. Fewer customers are served and this also brings other problems for the company.
Worse customer perception: Call centers with call queues and slow processes are poorly perceived by customers. This in turn affects the overall image of the company, which gets a bad reputation for poor customer service. This is precisely why the best companies invest in improving their communication and management processes.

As can be seen, the non-integration of systems in a call center degenerates into greater evils. It may seem a minor issue from the inside, but in reality, its worst consequence is the degradation of the service and the company’s image. It should be noted that all this ends up empowering the competition.

Integrate PBX with third party software: Functional Call Center

Although integrating PBX with third-party software does not solve everything, it is something that helps a lot. Telemarketers who work with integrated systems are usually much more productive than those who do not have this possibility. A call center that works with integrated applications works like this:

Functional systems: Integrating all the work applications into a single one is almost the same as using one tool to do everything. The programs open and appear quickly on the screen, simplifying the teleoperator’s management. Procedures are performed more quickly and smoothly.
Quick learning: Since you start from an environment where all the tools are present, the system is easier to understand. Operators have fewer steps to memorize and will know where to find each solution without much effort. New personnel can learn to manage more quickly, with less cumbersome processes.
Increased productivity: When new staff understand their management faster, service times improve. The time spent on adaptation is less and numbers improve faster. As processes are more understandable and faster, call center statistics are usually better.

Having a productive call center has many advantages for any business. Companies that sell services above all tend to be rated for their availability and good customer service. Precisely, integrating PBX with third-party software allows to facilitate the work in the room, which is a vital requirement to improve the service.

What is needed to integrate the PBX with third-party software?

In principle, the technology used to perform the integration is websocket. Basically, it is a connector that allows everything to be contained in the same virtual environment. When the teleoperator opens the virtual switchboard and other callcenter tools, he will be able to use each program from a program that brings them together. It does not matter if the applications are from other companies.

Of course, to achieve this it is necessary to have a modern virtual PBX, also adapted for this type of technological solution. The fact is that not all call center software has this possibility. The advantage of the Neotel PBX is that it has this input possibility.

With Neotel, integrating PBX with third party software is very simple. Our software is hosted in the cloud and to access it you only need a broadband Internet connection. Everything is very simple, without complicated installations and with a really functional, fast and complete system.

What does Neotel have in store for your business?

Neotel has one of the best virtual PBX on the market in Europe. It allows any company to enjoy IP telephony, which is cheaper, secure and of high quality. In addition, this program is used to manage and improve customer service and marketing.

In the case of Neotel, we have such useful systems as the platform for sending bulk SMS, the robot call, the click to call me back button and others. All this indicates that the virtual PBX is more than a call center program nowadays. Basically, it is a business communication application that every company should hire to aim at professionalization and simplification of tasks.

At Neotel we have the best plans and prices, so that any entrepreneur can run his business with the virtual switchboard and the best additional callcenter tools. With our software you will be able to manage all the communication of your business and integrate your PBX with third party software. This way, everything will be easier for your operators.