call center software

Call center software: the best of marketing at your disposal

Companies and entrepreneurs can spend up to 7000 euros per month in hiring digital marketing agencies. However, call center software is a tool that allows effective business campaigns at a much lower cost. You don’t need to be a marketing genius to get a lot out of this digital tool. Nor do you need to have a room full of operators to get the best results. The virtual PBX is often referred to as a call center system. Although its origin has to do with this type of department, today this is a much more complete, multifunctional tool and offers very advanced modules in the marketing area. Next, you will see how this application can generate a wide impact on the market and help you increase your customer base.

What about digital marketing agencies?

call center software

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a quick option to achieve some positive indicators in companies. However, this usually has a high cost and many times, agencies do not guarantee a higher flow of sales. Generally, their indicators have to do with the number of followers, «likes» and other metrics of reach, typical of social networks. Of course, this does not mean that hiring digital marketing agencies is in vain. In fact, one of the best kept secrets of some of the best ones is that they hire call center software to improve the reach of their campaigns. This type of company knows the potential of the virtual switchboard to generate valuable information for the company’s business growth. Others, on the other hand, only focus on social networks and websites, which is a mistake at a commercial level. It is known that a large percentage of consumers still rely on phone calls to communicate with their favorite companies. In truth, the right thing to do in marketing is to develop strategies that exploit all avenues of communication. Web sites matter a lot these days, but they are not the only effective marketing avenue. Nothing can be neglected when it comes to sales.

Call center software: How does it increase sales?

We often associate call center software as a tool used only to make calls. To this we must add the fact that telesales does not have the best reputation among consumers. The fact is that the virtual PBX has modules that help us to avoid having to use telesales directly. The following three applications are very efficient marketing complements to this program:

Robot call: The robot call is a module that allows to launch voice calls automatically. No human operator speaks, but simply transmits a short and concise recorded message. This tool has proven to be very useful for many large companies. The best thing is that it is a resource that is not considered invasive for customers.
Click to call me back button: Those who think that call center software is only used for calling are wrong. The click to call me back is a plugin that is placed on the business website. When customers are interested in a product or service, they enter it and leave their phone number for a company manager to call them back. From this point on, web pages stop being static and become sales boosters.
Bulk SMS platform: Sending bulk SMS to customers is probably one of the most effective methods in marketing. In fact, its open rate is over 95%, far exceeding the mere 20% of email marketing. Ironically, telemarketing agencies today prefer to promote email marketing.

These are all modules that facilitate communication with the customer in a non-invasive, effective and empathetic way. Customers will always know that your company is with them and this will enhance the dissemination of offers, new products, discounts and other activities that encourage new sales.

What is the price of the virtual PBX?

The best thing about call center software is that its cost is very economical. If you were asking about the price of the virtual pbx, you should know that an entrepreneur just starting out can get this service at its basic level for about 200 euros with Neotel. Of course, acquiring digital marketing add-ons can raise the amount a bit. However, the add-on is usually not that expensive and its effectiveness at the marketing level is worth it. At Neotel we have three plans and a variety of ways to adjust the budget. In our company we encourage the client to choose only those add-ons that he/she needs. In addition, the basic functionalities of the call center software are also very useful for customer service and digital marketing.