What use would you give to sending bulk SMS to your customers?

Mass SMS is a cheap communication tool for the entrepreneur and very versatile for the client.

Any phone can receive a sms. No special devices are needed to receive short text messages. It is not necessary to have specific connections for the use of the service.

Its usefulness has made that more and more companies are based on the use of sms to send direct and fast information to customers.

97% of sms that are sent are opened because users think that sms are a means of communication that transmits some kind of information of great relevance to the client. Unlike other forms of communication and marketing such as email.



Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

Unlike a newsletter, by sending sms we are sure that our message will not end up in a spam folder.

Several studies certify the functionality of sending sms. The expectations of our client visiting a link, or clicking to buy a product or service, through a link within a text message are very high.

Practically any country in the world has mobile phones. So the advantage of using this service over other means of communication. People in the world have our mobile device with us 24/7 this is so, therefore the chances of reading that sms are high.


The advantages of mass sms

Companies use sms to, among others, transmit important news, mobile marketing, transmit communications, etc..