What are the benefits of SMS Marketing campaigns?


In these competitive times for companies, they find it increasingly difficult to give visibility to their products. It is necessary to attack by all possible means. You never know which one will work for you.

Next we are going to show you the benefits of the SMS channel as a medium for our advertising and marketing campaigns for the company:

  • SMS marketing campaigns allow the company to take a further step in the path of technological innovation.
  • Because it is not necessary to use paper for these campaigns, you will be collaborating to protect the environment and your company will be valued more from outside.
  • Get real-time reports to know the percentage of successful shipments. Everything from the customer interface.
  • Make our customers loyal.
  • Save money. This is because sms have a very low cost. Therefore to carry out your advertising campaigns using this medium saves you a lot of money.

Como puedes ver, las campañas de envío de sms reportan grandes beneficios a los que las usan

For all these reasons, along with the use of mobile phones in today’s society, we believe that those companies with fewer resources will see in mass SMS campaigns a very necessary tool to get their product to the public and with the least investment.

20% of the population say they prefer to see advertising in this way rather than on a website and 30% say they do not feel uncomfortable when they send a message to their mobile.