SMS for specific audiences

One of the main characteristics of SMS marketing is that it enters through the screen of the most consulted device at present: our smartphone.

We are entering a circle where mass SMS campaigns must be targeted at their specific audience or target, knowing how to differentiate between the different existing generations.

Importance of establishing appropriate campaigns for everyone

Do not forget that when it comes to a massive sms campaign is essential to know how to reach the heart of the recipient. The one who is going to receive our short text message. Don’t forget that ours isn’t the only sms you’re going to receive that same day.

When segmenting the database of customers who will receive our sms, it is not a bad idea to have this previously built according to criteria such as the frequency of use of our services, their methods of payment, their musical tastes, segmented groups with their styles, … And not only by age. In order to collect this information, one way is to make use of telemarketing surveys.

Among the advantages of implementing a mass marketing campaign via SMS are the following:

  • We position our website in the main search engines indirectly.
  • We become a constant companion in the lives of our users.
  • We attract new consumers.
  • We turn our leads into high fidelity customers.



Who are Generation Z and how should the strategy be?

To be effective with our SMS campaigns, let’s use these tips:

  • Our campaign should include the use of hashtags, invitations to digital meetings, surveys, etc.
  • It’s never a bad idea to include a direct link to our social networks in our sms campaign. Generation Z is more than used to it and feels very comfortable when it moves through the world of Social Media. You have to give them what they ask of us.

Generation Z are digital natives, who can’t be even 5 minutes without consulting their smartphone.

According to several studies, Generation Z is postmodern, enterprising and interactive.

Who the millennials are and what the strategy should look like

When we plan our SMS marketing campaign for leads entering this group, let’s write:

  • To build trust.
  • In a casual way.
  • The young people’s reading mode is scan mode and their periods of concentration are getting shorter and shorter. An excess of information that comes mainly from the Internet is to blame for this. We must be entertaining, concise and brief with sms.

Remember that the greatest ally of younger consumers is the mobile phone. We must be smart enough to know how to make a niche for ourselves in their lives. Millennials use the smartphone to buy, share and communicate absolutely everything around them.

Attempting to reach this group of users using conventional marketing techniques and strategies is, to say the least, a waste of time.