Complement your Marketing campaigns with bulk SMS sending

If companies do not want to be left behind in the war of online marketing, they need to incorporate massive SMS sending campaigns into their strategies. SMS marketing is more alive than ever.

Neotel has a free module for its customers to send bulk SMS messages to customers where they will only pay for sending these messages only at a very low price. With the Neotel sms sending module, you as a client will have a tool where, in addition to managing the sending of the sms, it also includes reports with satisfactory shipments for control. Neotel’s mass message platform works through the same web tool that clients use to manage the rest of the tools. With a sms template system, which is very easy to configure, customers now have a very simple and inexpensive way to start working with their massive SMS sending campaigns. The goals in massive SMS shipments are 2 mainly : Sell and notify. The sending of mass sms is one of the most functional communication channels for companies for several reasons:



  • Integration with the email marketing strategy: although the sms and the emails are independent means of communication, the companies usually use them jointly for, according to their needs. As a general rule, emails will be used for informational and more generic communications, while sms are used for communications that are more urgent to notify.
  • The mobile as support: the sms are the most effective way to reach consumers who use mobile phones for everything related to obtaining information.
  • Rapid retention: text messages are easy to memorize and are short.
  • Speed: an SMS does not need to be adapted to a complicated format, so it does not require a long time for its configuration.
  • Deliverability: when we send an SMS we can be sure that it will be delivered and there is a very high probability that the recipient will read our message. In the absence of a spam folder as it happens with emails, short text messages (SMS) are always received without any problem.

Take advantage of the marketing sms with Neotel

Seeing all this would be a pity that companies do not take advantage of the benefits of mass SMS shipments for their marketing campaigns. Data on the habits of mobile phone use and text messages support the use of sms for campaigns. Massive sms. Maintaining constant communication with customers is essential. Thanks to sms and mass mailing this is now easier.