Massive Email VS Massive SMS

The mailing’s saturated. And users send almost everything they receive to spam without even giving it a first glimpse.

Sms have a higher opening ratio than email. While people today no longer read advertising emails coming from companies, every person in the world has a mobile phone and it is estimated that it takes less than 5 minutes to open a sms on the mobile when you receive one.

Benefits of a mass SMS strategy

We must never forget our objectives or what niche our mass SMS campaign is aimed at.

In order to achieve our objectives with a massive SMS campaign we will apply the following strategies:

  • Timing: It is important to be timely, but also not to saturate the recipient with messages. Working a correct balance of this will make us be effective and take advantage of opportunities without overwhelming the customer.
  • Utility: Users seek solutions to the problems of their daily lives and not to receive stuffing content. Taking advantage of the characters in the sms format is vital to inform our customers about promotions, contests and offers.
  • Adequate language: Depending on the profile of our clients, we use a more or less formal volume.
  • Be precise: Our messages must be short and precise. Go to target.



Words like «cheap» or «offer» always sound attractive to customers. Take advantage of our offers and discounts and promotions thanks to sms information reach our customers and therefore create loyalty is something important to us.

The massive sms allows us to have a closer relationship with our customer and that this does not think is just one more person.

Why you should opt for a mass SMS strategy

It’s not about demonizing email marketing. On the contrary, we understand that both strategies complement each other and one is capable of reaching where the other does not.

Customer loyalty is something that is being built progressively. It doesn’t happen overnight. Combining our existing email marketing campaign now with a massive sms campaign we achieve impossible goals in another way.

Also an advantage of SMS campaigns is that if our information content is really good for the recipient there are many possibilities that they themselves decide to share our information with their circles in social networks with what we are getting advertising indirectly and for free.

It is very comfortable to carry a mobile with us on the street. That’s why we should take advantage of this medium with mass sms campaigns.

The latest marketing studies inform us that mobile device users are able to consult their phones an average of 2,600 times a day: to buy a product, view their social networks or review their messages. Are you really not going to use this wonderful communication channel to distribute your products?