Robot call allows companies to carry out mass advertising

Today’s marketing strategies are based on the knowledge of customers and potential users. And although social networks allow business communication, it is not as complete or the only means to explore. In contrast, some of the call center software applications allow companies to communicate directly and with due formality. This is precisely the case of the robot call.

This module may not seem very familiar when you hear its name. However, all of us as service users have heard it at some time or another. This is because many service companies usually implement it on a massive scale to communicate with customers.

What is Robot call?


robot call

Occasionally, companies make calls to their customers’ local or cell phones. When they answer, instead of listening to a human operator in real time, they listen to a robotic operator or rather to a recorded voice-over. This is precisely the job of the robot call.

The robot call is an automated call dispatcher that broadcasts pre-recorded messages. It can also be called “robot call” for its Spanish translation or robotic call. This name is due to the fact that the voice heard by the receiver of the message resembles that of a machine.

In reality, the robot call is a fully automated tool, although it does not incorporate complex artificial intelligence programming. It is also a telephone dialer due to the way it operates when launching calls. To a certain extent, it works in a similar way to predictive or progressive dialers, only that it does not implement complicated algorithms as these are not necessary for its correct performance.

How does the robot call work?

The call robot is usually a complementary module to the call center software. As with any telephone dialer nowadays, this implement works with lists of contacts. In principle, simultaneous dialing of calls to each of the contacts in the list is programmed.

In the middle of the process, the message to be transmitted is recorded or transcribed by means of the locution. This process is usually very simple and automatic, especially in the most updated and innovative modules such as Neotel’s dialers. The system automatically and simultaneously launches calls to each contact in the list.

Subsequently, the system launches calls simultaneously going through all the numbers in the list. After this, different customers located in different areas receive the robotic call and when they answer, they hear the paged message that has been programmed by the company. Of course, some numbers will be suspended and other calls will not go through, but the system will contact a large number of customers.

What kind of information is given through the robot call?

Companies can convey any information to their customers, beyond the product they offer. In general, the message of the call can have a limit of duration or rather, of spoken words. In any case, the robot call tends to be used for relatively short voiceovers. People also tend not to stay on the phone for long when they receive calls of this type.

The shorter, more precise and direct the message is, the better. For example, one of the most common uses of this telephone dialer is to communicate billing amounts. This happens a lot with telephone companies, which launch calls with precise information about each customer’s debt and the cut-off date. The locution is usually complemented by indicating payment channels or the company’s slogan.

However, the robot call can be used to send messages of any nature. Some companies use it, for example, to apologize in case of a generalized failure of the service offered. This happens a lot with telephone companies, cable TV systems or banks.

The only limit posed by this module, besides perhaps the length of the speech, is the creativity of the person in charge of designing it. The robot call can be used to promote a product or service, make a reminder, send a loyalty message to customers and even link with interesting resources such as telephone surveys through the IVR.

Robot calls can generate interaction

Robot call voice messages are usually implemented to communicate something to large groups of customers. However, what many companies are unaware of is that this automated module can also be implemented to collect customer feedback.

This is very interesting and is tantamount to turning a dissemination tool into an interaction tool. Implementing the robot call in this way, allows to know better the consumers and in turn to create campaigns, offers and products more and more successful. This type of module can be exploited in many ways, if used creatively and strategically.

In fact, some robot call modules have different modalities designed to perform different tasks. Therefore, it is essential to study the options available on the market and always look for the most complete and innovative ones.

Robot Call Modalities

Neotel’s robot call has up to three modalities or types of messages. The first is the basic one, which simply consists of the possibility of issuing calls with voicemail messages. This is ideal for transmitting concise and short information to customers, without waiting for further feedback. However, there are other functionalities aimed at more complex business strategies.

The second type of message offered by Neotel is that of voice messages in combination with a telephone survey. Basically, the paged message is sent and combined with a telephone survey that customers can answer using the keypad. The query can be about some data or preference that the company needs to know from its clientele.

Finally, there is the option of launching paged messages and then taking customers to a menu of options. From the menu, people can be invited to fill out a survey or talk to an operator. This is ideal for motivating users to change a plan, or for data or service upgrades.

Of course, each robot call software has different functionalities. For example, these are the three options that Neotel’s digital PBX allows, which is quite new and updated. It is important to note that not all companies and programs use the same system.

How to choose the right Robot Call module?

Understanding that not all Robot Call software and modules are the same, it is necessary to verify the options offered by the market. For example, it is vital that this and the rest of the contracted telephone dialers can be easily managed from a friendly interface. To tell the truth, some systems and software can be very confusing and this always harms the company that hires the service.

It is also essential that the robot call has up-to-date features and complementary modalities. The best modules of its kind can be combined with other telephone management systems such as IVR, or telephone surveys. This is what will allow the company to take full advantage of each technological tool, improve productivity and differentiate itself from the competition.

However, the choice of a good call robot and other automated modules depends on the choice of an innovative call center software, updated, with multifunctional features and allowing full integration with other tools. Therefore, choosing a company that offers this service is a matter that requires a thorough analysis.

Neotel offers a state-of-the-art Robot Call

Both Neotel’s virtual switchboard and its modules guarantee an optimal, simple and high performance operation. The cost of the virtual switchboard service and other complements is one of the most competitive in the market. Robot call contracting can start with a basic price of 25€ for ten channels. Of course, there are other more comprehensive plans for larger companies with bigger budgets.

The best thing about Neotel’s plans is that they adapt to the economic reality of each company. The basic plans are very inexpensive and are designed for small and growing businesses. Each service or add-on is broken down and the entrepreneur simply chooses what they need to manage their business communications.

Neotel customers can also count on progressive and predictive dialer, IVR system, telephone surveys and a wide range of tools. Our call center software is customizable and allows the integration of third-party applications.

Everything is done without installation, additional costs or expensive equipment. Neotel’s virtual PBX works with Internet connection and any available digital device. The team of experts is always available to answer any questions from service contractors. Undoubtedly, an investment to grow the business from the attention and also commercially.