call center software

Why should any business use call center software?

Call center software is projected as an indispensable business tool for the future. This goes beyond companies that have customer service centers. Basically, any type of business can take advantage of this type of software.

Call center software is not just for call centers. Nowadays they are called by this name because in the past they were oriented to this type of departments. But these programs have become business communication managers. In fact, they are useful for customer service, telemarketing and even internal communications.

What is call center software?


call center software

A call center software unifies and manages a company’s communications. To do so, it offers a series of functionalities that go beyond telephone communication. In fact, this program offers modules for text messaging, email, virtual fax, video calls, among others.

The important thing about this software is that it allows you to know everything about the company’s communication. To this end, it generates statistics, keeps a record of conversations and also offers automated tools. It is a program that has evolved a lot in recent years.

The best thing is that you no longer need expensive servers and data centers to use it. Today’s programs can be used from a smartphone, or even remotely. Everything is hosted in the cloud and works with an internet connection. That’s why they are now called virtual PBX or VoIP PBX.

Why should any business have callcenter tools?

Nowadays it is known that communication is everything in the business world. Whether you offer a service, a physical product or anything else, communication is vital to sell. If there is no customer relationship and avenues for interaction, business simply perishes.

This is something many marketers and entrepreneurs have learned from social media. Unfortunately, using these digital meeting spaces is not enough to build business relationships and sell. It is believed that 60% of people prefer phone calls as a means of business communication.

The issue is not about whether it is better to carry social networks than to take calls. In reality, businesses should offer as many avenues of communication as possible. This equates to greater sales opportunities and better customer and user perception. In addition, to obtain better results, it is not only necessary to communicate, it is necessary to control the interaction.

Why hire a virtual switchboard if you have an online store?

Opening virtual stores is one of the most successful commercial modalities of the moment. Its potential lies in the possibility of selling without having to rent a physical space. However, one of the main problems of this type of business is to generate trust and security in the customer.

To tell the truth, social networks are spaces where scams abound. An excellent way to make customers trust at the beginning is to maintain a more direct and formal communication. For all of this, call center software features are great. Being able to have an IVR at the beginning, transferring and muting calls are signs of formality.

The best thing is that acquiring virtual PBX for calls is not very expensive if done with the right company. A self-employed person with no employees and a virtual store can pay for this program. For example, in Neotel the basic plan does not cost more than 100 €. With some useful modules and functionalities, the total sum would not be more than 200 € per month.

You don’t need a contact center to buy this software

Some business owners would not pay for a call center software because they do not have one. To tell the truth, the virtual PBX is a program that allows you to provide good service without having a contact center. Everything is stored in the cloud and works from a simple Internet connection.

A person who has three employees serving their customers should hire a call center software. For a very low cost, he will be able to check how they serve the public and enjoy some useful modules to sell. It is for things like this that the virtual PBX is useful.

Many companies nowadays work with tele-operators or professionals via remote. This is possible thanks to the virtual switchboard, which allows to control that the worker fulfills his work despite being out of the office. There are companies that have a call center working with operators located in different parts of the world thanks to this program.

How do you sell more with call center software?

One of the most overlooked objectives of today’s call center software is that they are geared to sell more. Arguably, this is a marketing tool that will be around for years to come. The best part is that its contribution and modules surpass traditional telemarketing.

Callcenter tools for selling are basically automated applications. That is, they are programs that use artificial intelligence to operate. Despite this, anyone can make them work. Dialers are the best example of this. These are modules that launch outgoing calls automatically. This way, companies do not rely on salespeople to make the calls.

Another useful module for advertising is the call robot. This is one of the most requested callcenter tools by Neotel customers. Basically, this is a call launcher with voicemail messages. The company composes a text, adds it to the system and automatically launches hundreds of calls instantly. Users receive the call and listen to the recorded information.

Sending bulk SMS is quite similar to the robot call. Thanks to it, companies can send advertising text messages to all their customers on a massive scale. All these means make it easier to perform marketing tasks, mobilize customers and keep them informed of offers, changes, new rates, among other things.

The virtual switchboard allows you to know your customers to sell more

Call center software allows companies and businesses to obtain information about their customers. One of the current problems in the business world is that many of the commercial strategies are being carried out without accurate information. In fact, only 5% of the current information ends up being used by companies to offer products and services.

The call center software has modules to know the opinion of customers. Perhaps the most notorious is the telephone survey. This allows questions to be asked to customers at the beginning or end of calls. The question is spoken through the IVR and the company’s callers have options to choose from using the numeric keypad.

From telephone surveys, customers can be asked for example «What is your favorite product?». The public can also be asked what type of product they would like in the future. All this and much more can be known thanks to call center software.

It is possible to use the call center software from the smartphone

Call center software can be used from virtually any device with Internet access. It can be a computer with a microphone, or even from the smartphone. A person who has a small business and manages everything from his cell phone can resort to this technology.

One of the most striking callcenter tools is the mobile PBX. Thanks to this, operators can have all the functions of call center software on their smartphone. Furthermore, traders and entrepreneurs can always check metrics and access the program from any Internet-enabled device.

All the functions and modules described so far are part of Neotel’s virtual call center. These are just some of the tools offered by this multifunctional program. Any business can expand its market presence by implementing it.

Neotel’s call center software is the most innovative one

Neotel has 20 years of experience offering technological solutions to companies. Our main product is the virtual switchboard and nowadays it has countless innovative modules. Its purpose is to control communication in favor of the business, generating more sales and a better user perception.

At Neotel we have created three packages that adapt to the needs of each client. These are the standard, premium and Neomax packs. For example, small entrepreneurs can purchase the first one and from there, get a service adapted to the size of their business. Everyone can benefit from the call center software with an investment according to the size of their business.

This program allows to manage all communications via the Internet, which makes them cheaper. It is no longer necessary to sign large contracts with traditional telephone companies. At Neotel we have the most competitive data and minutes rates in the market. Now you know why any business should and can use call center software.virtu