IP telephony resellers: an ingenious way to make money

The collaborative economy is an approach to sharing that is increasingly present in Europe. The most innovative companies are creating distribution lines to increase their impact on the market and of course, the sales margin. Neotel is not lagging behind and is offering its IP telephony reseller program to the public. Those who are interested in selling IP voice PBXs will be able to generate extra profits very easily.

The virtual PBX is a service that is usually required by almost all companies and businesses. From this program, all telephone communication and business marketing tasks are supported. The sale of this type of software is an excellent opportunity to generate income.

IP Telephony Resellers: What is it like to be one?



Neotel has its own means of generating recruitment and business opportunities. However, to further increase its reach it has created a plan to recruit IP telephony resellers. Basically, anyone who wants to spend their free time selling our services can do so and generate revenue.

VoIP distribution does not require a schedule or an office position in the company. In fact, this is an opportunity that Neotel offers to independent sellers and anyone who wants to earn extra money. The goal is to expand our network of reseller partners to generate more customers and revenue.

In plain words, our IP telephony resellers are independent people who offer our services to companies and entrepreneurs. A reseller can have his own job or be a freelancer and join our VoIP reseller program. Every time a sale of the service is achieved, Neotel pays a generous commission.

Neotel IP Telephony Reseller Conditions

Neotel distributors have complete freedom to operate on their own schedule. A distributor can go about his daily business and schedule appointments or sell the product via telephone to acquaintances and companies. Our company’s conditions for this work are as follows:

Individual management: The way, strategies and mechanisms used by Neotel IP telephony distributors to sell depend on each one of them. Some distributors prefer to sell over the phone, while others schedule appointments with companies and possible interested parties. All management is left to the free will of each distributor partner.
Advice and support: Neotel has a lot of information available for distributors to strengthen their presentations and sales. The company guarantees all the necessary support so that the participants of this program can offer the VoIP PBXs and their complementary modules.
Monthly commissions: When a distributor succeeds in selling Neotel’s service, it does not charge a one-time commission per sale. It is important to remember that the virtual PBX is a service and not a product. Therefore, every customer that is acquired generates monthly benefits for IP telephony distributors for the duration of the contract.

Of course, the more contracts a distributor manages to close, the more revenue it generates. Likewise, if the customers that the distributor obtains remain for a long time, the revenue generated is maintained. In other words, each sale can continue to generate revenue.

Setting up a virtual PBX is necessary

Being IP telephony distributors is very profitable because this service is necessary at a business level. The best managed companies and businesses have VoIP PBXs and this is more than an add-on, it is usually a central system beyond the business activity that a company performs.

A virtual PBX is a program that allows to manage all the communication, internal and external, of any company. It works and adapts perfectly to large, medium and small businesses. The possibility of establishing telephone communication via broadband protocol, using office devices, makes billing much cheaper.

Setting up a virtual PBX is often a necessary upgrade that business owners simply don’t know how to do. In fact, many companies do not have such systems because they are not well advised or because they are completely unaware of them. This is precisely where the opportunity for distributors lies.

Neotel has the best tools for callcenter

Promoting Neotel’s products is very easy because the company is well known in the market. Our software is one of the most innovative, stable and profitable, having an experience of 20 years. Some of our customers have been with us for a long time, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe and some countries in America.

Neotel’s virtual PBX is very complete, easy to use and that means it is also easy to sell. It is very different to sell a complicated software with specifications that only a computer engineer can understand, than to promote a program with a simple interface, designed so that anyone can understand it and operate it.

In addition to this, our program has very useful callcenter tools. Some of these facilitate customer service, while others are very effective platforms for business marketing. In addition, our virtual PBX prices are quite affordable, maintaining an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

If you are interested in extra income, have sales skills and some time, you can contact us and join our team of IP telephony distributors, without ties, schedules and with all the facilities that our product provides.