Video calling in the cloud: Do it professionally

Videocalling friends and family is very common nowadays. After the pandemic, it became clear that both work and studies can continue thanks to this communication mechanism and, of course, the Internet. However, video calling through a social network is not the same as making a video call in the cloud in a professional, formal way and with the right tools. This is precisely one of the functions offered by the virtual PBX. Today’s companies need to become more integrated with new technologies, but with due formality. Using communication solutions such as the virtual switchboard makes it possible to integrate new technologies into business, but with the necessary professionalism. The result: better image, reliability and increased sales.

Video calling in the cloud through the virtual PBX

video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

The concept of video calling in the cloud is understood today, but that of the virtual PBX, perhaps not so much. Virtual PBXs are programs that allow a company’s telephone communication to be controlled by migrating it to IP telephony technology. Basically, this allows companies to channel all their customers’ calls through a single number, being able to be answered by different devices and supporting the whole system through the Internet, which is more economical. In simple terms, the virtual PBX allows to connect and professionalize all communication. Precisely, one of the advantages of this type of program is that it incorporates some modules and complements that facilitate both customer service and sales. In the case of Neotel’s software, we offer the ability to make video calls in the cloud without limitations, without additional charges and with a business interface. Similarly, this complement to the virtual PBX also allows video conferencing in the cloud, something widely used today. The difference between video calling through the already known platforms or through this type of program is that the company has its own platform. This is how any company, no matter how new it may be, is endowed with professionalism, formality and trust. Even if the company does not yet have physical offices, this gives a very convincing image.

Video call in the professional cloud How do I get it?

In order to have the video call service in the cloud the company must purchase the virtual PBX service. This is very economical in the case of Neotel and in fact we have different plans. Those who have the service have video conferencing in the cloud and video calls at no additional cost, among other add-ons. In fact, video calling services that are sold separately, usually cost almost half of the basic plan offered by us. From there, entrepreneurs and companies have unlimited access to cloud-based video calling and video conferencing. Regardless of the plan chosen by the client, with Neotel this complement is always on the agenda. This is useful for any type of business, from a person who teaches from home, through a psychologist and up to a medium or large company. Not to mention all the additional advantages that the virtual PBX offers. The good news is that this type of software adds add-ons of all kinds to improve sales. In fact, video calling in the cloud is just one of several add-ons that are added to the virtual PBX. Call launchers, bulk SMS sending and some other add-ons for the business website are just part of the whole package of technological solutions that will be available to entrepreneurs through this service.

What is the price of the call center software?

The price of call center software is not as high as many entrepreneurs might think. In fact, even a person who is just starting his business can opt for Neotel’s basic plan in a sustainable way. The benefits are multiple, but in principle the fact of being able to guarantee a professional and economical service through IP telephony is quite good. Our program is also a virtual PBX for freelancers. The best thing about Neotel’s service is that each client can create a plan according to their needs and budget. Over time, the service can be scaled and thus get better add-ons, according to the company’s situation. The virtual switchboard has a universe of solutions for customer service and marketing. Contact us to learn more about our technological solutions for your company.