Sending bulk SMS to mobiles: The solution to reach the customer

Many entrepreneurs believe that call center software is simply call management software. In reality, the new virtual PBX incorporates multiple communication tools and technologies. One of its complements is the ability to send bulk SMS to cell phones.

Technological evolution has made it possible to create different communication formats that are now part of everyday life. The virtual switchboard went from being a call center program to a very complete customer service and telemarketing assistant. Today’s modules and applications allow entrepreneurs to do things that used to be difficult or very expensive.

Telemarketing has diversified.

In the past, telemarketing was understood as the action of making calls to offer or sell products or services. In popular culture, this sales modality was also popularized by the so-called «telesales». This business model consists of advertising the product massively on television and also the numbers for interested parties to contact.


send massively SMS's

Basically, telemarketing or telemarketing involves the offer or sale of any product using the telephone. Of course, the way we understand the telephone device totally changed with the advent of the Internet and Smartphones. This in turn generated new advertising approaches and economic opportunities to generate advertising.

In this way, we moved from mass media to devices that are practically an extension of us. ICT consists precisely in exploiting these technological solutions to improve work within companies. Precisely, one of the tools that most incorporates multiple information technologies is the virtual switchboard.

SMS sending platform What is it?

Today’s virtual switchboard services are compatible with modules that allow the mass sending of SMS. Basically, this is an add-on that allows you to compose a text message and send it to a list of users. For this purpose, lists with customers’ cell phone contacts are used.

This type of module can send a fairly large number of bulk text messages. In fact, it is possible to send 10,000 messages simultaneously or in batches. This makes the SMS sending platform a massive tool for advertisements of all kinds.

Everything works in a similar way to what happens with telemarketing campaigns. In fact, the only difference is that instead of making calls to a list or launching them through automated dialers, text messages are sent. The only thing that the entrepreneur or company that enjoys the service must manage is the database with the telephone numbers.

What types of messages are sent through this module?

Bulk SMS for businesses is useful for sending any type of information to customers. For example, this format is widely used by telephone companies to send loyalty messages and special offers. In fact, this is a technological tool that has been very well developed nowadays.

The important thing about advertising SMS is that they should not be too long so that the customer receives all the information. At the same time, the message should be written in such a way that it is clear, although it should preferably be short to medium length.

Beyond these recommendations, the SMS sending platform can be implemented for various purposes. Indeed, this is a marketing resource that can have multiple benefits when compared to other advertising methods.

Advantages of sending bulk SMS vs. telemarketing

One of the main complaints of traditional telemarketing is that it generates multiple unwanted calls. According to some positions, this could be a bit invasive. While telemarketing is a standardized practice and has its results, SMS marketing is seen as a more ethical form of advertising.

At the same time, the results of bulk SMS campaigns for companies are quite measurable nowadays. This is especially the case when using links that lead customers to a page. The fact is that the number of people who enter through these links can be easily quantified. There are programs that allow you to verify this statistic.

SMS marketing, as well as being massive, is also instantaneous. The nature of this communication method implies sending the message once and waiting for the user’s reaction. Telemarketing, on the other hand, requires continuous and planned follow-up with users in order to close sales. In fact, according to some figures, it is known that it is up to the fifth call to the same customer that telemarketers increase their probability of closing sales.

SMS marketing with link

In the past, text messaging simply allowed simple messages to be sent. In recent years, text messaging has made it possible to incorporate Internet links into SMS messages. This is related to the development of Smartphones and the adaptation of the Internet to mobile telephony. The formats have become more flexible and this is used to the advantage of companies.

Being able to add an Internet link to a text message has positive implications in terms of advertising. In principle, it allows to direct the customer’s attention to the company’s website or digital store. In this way, the user can buy a product, access an offer or change a contracted service or plan.

As mentioned above, this also allows using programs to measure the number of times people entered the recommended website through the link. This is very useful, because it gives an idea of the results of each SMS marketing campaign.

Statistics on the effectiveness of SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing practices even today. Perhaps the statistic that ratifies it is the opening rate achieved from this practice. It stands at 98%. This is much higher than email marketing, for example, which has an open ratio of between 18 and 23%.

In addition, some queries indicate that the SMS sending platform achieves an interaction rate of 45%. This would be the average number of people who respond to advertising text messages per campaign. Unlike email marketing, this is a marketing format that is used by less than 40% of companies.

It is also known that service users themselves prefer to receive text messages rather than telemarketing calls. In some consultations and surveys on this subject, it is usually established that at least 85% of people prefer to receive SMS from companies. All of the above invites businessmen and entrepreneurs to consider the use of sending bulk SMS to mobiles.

Text messaging is often seen as an outdated technology. In truth, SMS messaging is still frequently used by people. The way in which its applications have been approached, put them on a par with other more current formats such as social networks. To have a platform for sending SMS, you only need to hire an innovative virtual PBX.

Send bulk SMS to mobiles is possible with Neotel

At Neotel we offer our customers a module for sending bulk SMS for businesses. The entrepreneur can buy packs with different amounts of messages, adjusting to the budget available for the campaign. These packages range from 500 text messages up to 10,000. These are purchased as a prepaid service and have no expiration date.

The SMS sending platform is a tool integrated to the virtual PBX. It allows the sending of Internet hyperlinks, third-party software APIs to measure the campaign and an analysis module. The whole system works from a simple interface quite similar to call center software.

Text messages can be easily produced thanks to our customizable templates. From these you can create very colorful, well-structured and simple messages. You can check our prices and contact us in case you want to have this useful platform to advertise and connect with your customers.

Hire a virtual switchboard at an affordable price

One of the advantages of Neotel is that each customer can build a plan according to their needs and budgets. The price of the call center software with the basic plans is really low and the quality of service is the same.  Likewise, it is possible to select only those modules that are more attractive or useful to boost the business.

The chosen service is fully customized and can always be extended. Most of the services do not require permanence and we have the most competitive rates in the market. In addition to the SMS sending platform, other modules such as signaling, virtual fax or telephone dialers can also be contracted. All this can be integrated when contracting Neotel’s virtual switchboard, one of the most innovative in the market.