9 virtual PBX features that every company should use

The virtual PBX is much more than a tool for customer service centers. In fact, almost any type of business, regardless of its size, modality or economic activity, can take advantage of this technology. However, in order to understand its scope, it is important to know what functions this type of software has.

If you are wondering what a virtual PBX is, it is basically a program that allows you to manage and control mainly the telephone communications of a company. Of course, this type of software has evolved to overcome the barriers of telephone communication. Today, it offers solutions related to text messaging, fax and even web pages. Below, you will see nine functions or modules of this software of great commercial utility.

9.- Telephone Surveys: Find out what your customers want

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Brands today want to know what their customers want in order to make more money. Social networks connect with the public, but it is not the best source of information to know commercial preferences. Faced with this problem, the virtual switchboard offers the possibility for companies to conduct telephone surveys.

These are placed in the IVR that companies acquire when working with the PBX. In short, this is the interactive system that we encounter when we call a company.  The fact is that when customers initiate or end their calls directed to the company, they will listen and answer surveys using their keypad.

With these surveys, each user can be asked their opinion on, for example, which product or service they like the most. In this way, the company ensures more reliable information inputs that can be useful to outline the commercial strategy and create new products.

8.- Call statistics: more information for the company

One of the most positive aspects of hiring the virtual switchboard service is that it allows to control customer service. If, for example, a company has two people in charge of answering users’ calls, this system makes it possible to control the management of these workers.

It does not matter whether the company has a customer service center or an outbound call center for telemarketing. In both cases, the virtual PBX collects all the information of the calls to have an idea about how the communication occurs.

This is vital for companies that reach a certain volume of calls. Knowing the data from the statistical module allows to better organize the work in the call center to avoid call queues and abandonment. This is key for the company’s image, since nobody wants to negotiate with a company with which it is impossible to communicate.

7.- Spy monitoring: listen to how your customers are served

Monitoring is one of the strengths of the virtual PBX. Many times a business sells little due to the little effort made by the managers to empathize with people. In the same way, a company can obtain negative perceptions as a result of poor customer service.

The spy monitoring module allows owners to listen to their telemarketers and managers as they serve customers. This is ideal for online stores and businesses with orders placed over the phone. The PBX not only records each call, but also allows you to listen in on the call.

Spy monitoring as well as call recording allows new operators to be trained. Companies with customer service departments can use this module to evaluate their employees and contribute to their improvement.

6.- Virtual fax: Technology integration

Many companies, suppliers and even customers still use fax machines. In fact, there are even legal procedures that can be carried out by means of bureaufax. For all these reasons, it is important to have the ability to send and receive faxes in countries like Spain.

The virtual fax is a module that allows you to send and receive faxes even using e-mail. To do this, a special number is assigned to the company that contracts the service. This allows companies to adapt to customers and businesses that still work with this type of device, being a clear sign of versatility and adaptability.

To tell the truth, this seems a minor detail that opens the doors to many negotiations and sales. Just as it is important to be in all social networks, it is also vital to be open to all types of communication.

5.- Basic functions of the switchboard: formalizing customer service

Today’s virtual switchboard has many functions related to telemarketing and automation. However, it should not be forgotten that the first functions of this software were to manage calls in a professional manner.

The PBX allows you to transfer calls, mute them, put them on hold, among others. It seems simple, but this is vital to be able to attend a call with formality and leaving a good feeling in the customer. The mere fact of attending users using this type of functions, evokes a lot of seriousness in companies.

Similarly, having a virtual switchboard allows channeling all calls under the same phone number. This, which is the most basic aspect of this type of program, reflects seriousness and confidence in the callers. Therefore, it never ceases to be something important.  For those who wonder how a virtual PBX works, these are its most basic features.

4.- Bulk SMS campaigns

The ability to send bulk SMS to customers is more than a module of the PBX, it is an addition to it. This system is one of the most effective telemarketing tools today. In fact, nowadays it is known that people tend to pay as much attention to text messaging as they do to their social network notifications.

This module basically allows you to write a text message for advertising purposes and send it to a large number of smartphones. In fact, this advertising technique is often seen in a better light than calls and has a very high open rate. It could be said that text messaging is a telemarketing formula quite approved by consumers themselves.

3.- Telephone dialers

The PBX hosted in the cloud allows to host dialers. These are modules that allow launching multiple calls to customers simultaneously. In addition, everything is done in an automated and intelligent way. The most requested dialers in the business world are the progressive dialer, the predictive dialer and the robot call.

This type of system is ideal for coordinating all the work in outbound call departments. Phone dialers launch calls whenever a telemarketer is free to ensure a timely response to the customer. Because contacts are automated, productivity is never dependent on operators.

Implementing telephone dialers improves productivity in telemarketing departments. Today’s systems perform calculations based on advanced logarithms. In this way, the dialer always finds a way to increase the work in the call center.

Fixed and dynamic signaling

The signaling module offers a real opportunity for companies to communicate with their customers. This system is ideal to reach the most evasive customers, who do not like to receive business calls. In fact, this is the best kept secret of many service companies.

Signaling allows you to change the prefix or phone number by which a company communicates with its customers. This is useful for many of the goals that outbound calling departments set for themselves. For example, if a company is located in Barcelona and wants to communicate with customers in Madrid, it can use this feature and place a prefix of a Madrid location. From this, it will be easier for people to answer the calls.

This functionality works very well in the collection departments of companies. It is a very valuable tool that can be used strategically according to the type of customer to be contacted. It has two modalities: fixed and dynamic.

1.- WebRTC Line: Welcome to IP Telephony

One of the best aspects of hiring the virtual PBX is that it works with WebRTC line. This not only implies migrating all communications to IP telephony, which is much cheaper. It also has to do with having the company’s own advanced communication applications.

This implies, for example, having a virtual business environment to make video calls and videoconferences. Resorting to social networks to hold professional meetings over the Internet is a thing of the past. With this type of service, even this type of communication is formalized.

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