Progressive Marker VS Progressive Marking. Which is better?

Both progressive and predictive dialing are types of top call launchers. Neotel also has the Robot Call, a type of call launcher developed from the company itself and by ourselves. However, neither a progressive dialer nor a predictive, even if they are star products, have to be linked to a high cost.

There are some advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when making the decision of whether to choose progressive dialing versus predictive dialing.

  • The use of progressive dialing offers a better call quality through the agent that interacts with the client. However, this entails a lower volume of calls.
  • The use of predictive dialing will generate a greater volume of calls.

marcador predictivo

Are you looking for quality or quantity?

The advantages of a progressive marker versus predictive dialing also need to be broken down. At first glance it may seem that the predictive dialer reduces the idle time between calls, although the delay between connecting with a client and in turn connecting that call with an agent can lead to a large number of dropouts in the first few seconds. In addition, a predictive dialer that works with insufficient data can underestimate the amount of time the agent requires to complete a call and continue to reach clients who then feel frustrated when they are not immediately connected to an operator. Progressive markers have longer wait times to connect to an agent, but they can be more productive than the predictive dialer because an agent must be open and available for the call to be made.

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There are pros and cons. But from Neotel we help you choose the perfect brand for your needs

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Both the progressive and predictive dialer, both, are housed in the cloud.

Different forms of dialing available for customers

Reach as many potential customers as possible with any of the automatic call markers that Neotel offers.