Defer your competition with a massive SMS campaign

It’s time to focus your attention on your clients and start sending marketing campaigns via bulk sms to your contact list. Forget about emails and bulletins that will not open. With the sms your clients will not feel overwhelmed. Sell more with SMS campaigns. It comes in a smarter way to your customers. Reach your goals faster

They are also valid to maintain a correct direct communication with the employees of your company. So that everyone is informed at the moment.

  • Encourage the target: offers, gifts, discounts, etc.
  • Send reminders
  • Promote an event
  • Warn of a release.

Many sectors in which to implement this type of warning campaigns via SMS.

Why resort to a massive sms campaign?

  1. It allows you to individualize customer service so that the customer feels how much you care.
  2. It helps you increase your sales in an efficient, simple and comfortable way.

It is one of the infallible tactics to reach the target. Why?

  • They generate a greater impact by being a very little invasive and personal communication system.
  • Unlike the email that your CTR (Click Through Rate) is 2%, the sms your CTR is 19%.
  • More than 95% of the sms are read in less than 3 minutes.
  • Mobile devices always go with the customer.

Bet now on the SMS campaigns.

The people, all of us, pay attention to our mobile phones almost 24 hours a day. This is so. And that is precisely why the SMS sending campaigns have become so necessary.

At the end of the day we obtain publicity for diversity of media. Some of them, such as the post office, there are studies that confirm that they would not be working in 2018 as they did in the past. Together with TV, radio, etc., we are faced with the excess of information received. However, we all agree that receiving a text message to our mobile phone is an act that will lead to its opening and reading, yes or yes. That’s why from Neotel we present the SMS sending service completely free of charge to all our customers. Still you have not tried?