Integrate your Telephony with Neotel’s CRM

The use of crm is adapted for all types of people. Many times and wrongly falls into the failure to believe that the CRM can only be used by people with high knowledge of IT. And anything farter from the reality. At Neotel our clients are from the most diverse professional sectors and the acceptance of our crm advances more with each passing day.

The initials of the CRM correspond to Customer Relationship Management. OKAY. Now that we know what the acronyms correspond to, we at Neotel are used to solving many doubts to our clients when they ask us about our CRM and how it is integrated with their current telephone system and what advantages and benefits this integration will bring.

Nowadays, all types of companies use CRMs to manage their businesses. With a CRM, life becomes easier in terms of the management and control of all information regarding our customers, suppliers, orders, invoicing, delivery notes, etc. it means.