Monitoring: the only guarantee of quality care

The customer service departments have coordinators and strategies to control the quality of their operators. This monitoring work is done in different ways in each company, which will define its success or failure. Just as telephone technologies improve, so does the way performance is evaluated.

The advanced modules for monitoring calls and the operators’ participation in them take care of the company’s image. We must remember that customer service is the face of every business. Therefore, it is a priority to review the work done in call centers.

Monitoring modules: controlling every aspect

Traditional devices have functions to monitor and even guide the operator. Today’s call center software also incorporates them and is much more effective. Today’s interfaces are much more user-friendly and records can be kept in full.

Previously, the task of monitoring was possible but a little more limited. Coordinators or evaluators depended on more limited data and the process could be cumbersome. With the virtual switchboard everything is hosted in the cloud, in an organized way and just a click away.

monitoring virtual pbx


A monitoring module easily integrates the functions that allow quality control. The possibilities offered by current technology are quite complete. Those companies that have a complete call back up have a universe of possibilities in front of them.

Get an updated monitoring module

Only a few companies can provide an advanced and well integrated monitoring module. For example, Neotel offers call recording, third party verification and the «spy and whisper» system. The first of these services allows you to review calls and guide operators to improve them in front of the phone.

The third party verification service is very useful to validate sales made via telephone. Through a registration, operators can make a new call to the user to make the confirmation.

On the other hand, the spy and whisper system allows to listen to the calls of the teleoperators. Even the call center coordinators can intervene during the conversation without the customer listening. All these complements are installed in the switchboard without software or other devices.

Training the operators

The monitoring module is ideal for training operators in the midst of their work. All these elements can be used to correct faults and qualify the performance and attitudes of workers. Undoubtedly, this module will contribute to the growth of any company.