How to Save Money with the Business VoIP Phone System

Here is a list of reasons why voip telephony helps you save on your business:


Traditional telephone or desktop systems force workers to be physically in the offices. This takes away a lot of their freedom. Voip phone systems allow you to take all your calls no matter where you are. This, in a way, ensures that we can take all calls even if we are not in the office and therefore helps us improve our sales numbers.

No technical cost

With voip phone systems there is no need to hire technicians. It is very easy to operate and no advanced knowledge is required.

Easy configuration and adjustments

Switching to a voip phone system will not affect communications or company operations during the change.

The biggest advantage when talking about a voip phone system is that the customer does not pay for any of the upgrades. The service provider, in this case Neotel, will constantly update its software, adding improvements, at no extra cost to your pocket. During the adaptation process, none of your phone systems will be affected.

No additional maintenance is required.


Low call charges

Voip phone systems allow us to make all calls between the company’s own employees at zero cost. In the long run, this can save a lot of money. In addition, outgoing calls with voip telephony are much cheaper.

sistema telefónico voip

Software & Hardware

With voip telephony we save money everywhere. When a new employee joins our work team, voip telephony allows us to assign him/her a line of their own in no time. If he later decides to leave, it is also very easy to remove or withdraw that line. All this is handled very easily over the internet from your user panel and without having to pay a technician to set it up.

Any company can establish a communication in a matter of seconds with voip telephony. It will only be necessary to have an internet connection.