Mobile PBX: The key to remote work

There are many reasons to ensure that companies must adapt to remote work. On the one hand, the COVID 19 pandemic still forces workers to vacate offices from time to time. On the other, non-face-to-face work is a trend that goes beyond today. In fact, most professionals are looking for contracts that allow them to work from home. In any case, the mobile pbx makes this possible.

In fact, since 2021, there is talk of “global resignation”. According to this phenomenon, millions of professionals around the world will be abandoning companies with physical offices to work with others that allow them to operate without the requirement of being in person. Fortunately, technology is advancing and the mobile switchboard could have the solution to stop this labor trend.

PBX: Why does it allow remote working?

mobile pbx

It must be understood that the PBX is much more than a call center program. In fact, it is feasible to approach this software as an environment for work and business communication. First of all, this is so because to use it, workers must log in with a password and a user. From this point on, everything that each agent or employee does is recorded in the system.

In fact, thanks to the PBX, a coordinator can know if his employee is connected. In other words, this type of program makes it possible to monitor an employee’s attendance to his or her schedule even if he or she is in another country. It does not matter if the company is located in Spain and the employee is in India, Argentina or Canada, his management will be controlled. Therefore, this type of software can help any company to upgrade and operate remotely, at least in some of its activities.

And if the telephone switchboard allows remote work, the mobile switchboard facilitates it beyond the device an employee has. Of course, the ability to have call center software features on the cell phone can be very useful for some tasks. Both executives and telemarketers can take advantage of this add-on.

Mobile PBX: an office on your cell phone

PBX systems like Neotel’s are very versatile because they only need an Internet connection to work. A person authorized to log in with their key and password can use the system on any computer or device that supports connection. However, the mobile PBX allows for some basic call center software functionalities.

Thanks to the mobile PBX, a telemarketer can put a customer on hold, or mute. The best thing is that callers will hear everything as if they were calling the company’s offices. In other words, by using this add-on, the use of the identification and professional elements used by the company for telephone communication is guaranteed. This is important, because everything we hear when we call a company lets us know that it is a serious and respectable entity.

It could be said that the mobile PBX is a virtual PBX for mobiles. Perhaps some entrepreneurs are wondering at this point if it is really necessary to hire a complementary service of this type. To tell the truth, at Neotel this is a totally free complementary service. That is, those who get our IP telephony service will have this additional resource.

The telephone switchboard is a very complete program

The PBX is often referred to as a call center software. However, the dimensions of this type of program are much broader nowadays. First of all, contracting this service allows the incorporation of IP telephony, which makes communication cheaper and improves it from a technological point of view. Then, this business solution has a variety of functions that can enhance the scope of any enterprise.

The mobile PBX is just one of the complements of Neotel’s software. It is impressive the amount of functions that can be performed with our software. In fact, these tools allow you to increase sales, improve telephone service and formalize the image of any business. With this program, you can integrate digital marketing tasks with the use of telephone resources.

With our virtual switchboard you can hire staff abroad and control their management with ease. Open yourself to a world of possibilities with remote work and improve the communication capacity of your company. With Neotel it is possible to modernize any business.