Cloud-based video calling for enterprises: Better than the phone

2020 was the definitive year to internalize the use of cloud-based video calling by the world’s population. The pandemic meant a shift away from the family and work environment that could only be balanced by video calling implements. Today, the impact of this technology is no longer perceived as an emergency solution, but as part of our daily habits.

Undoubtedly, mankind has taken the definitive leap to progressively dispense with voice calls. In the meantime, many data indicate that at the enterprise level, video calling and video conferencing in the cloud are perceived as much more effective communication mechanisms from multiple perspectives. Both customer service and internal work have benefited immeasurably. Likewise, marketing has evolved thanks to this new communication tool.

Positive perception within companies

video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

According to a recent Forbes Insights report, more than 60% of business executives believe that video calling has had a positive impact on business communication. Not only do they consider its potential advantages, but there is also a clear preference when compared to the use of telephone calls. In many institutions and companies, this resource is already part of everyday life.

According to the report, video calls in the cloud improve many aspects of business work. Internal work is improved when orders or action plans need to be extended. A better relationship between customers and company employees is also assessed. It is also believed that the use of this type of communication allows to optimize resources considerably.

In addition, the world’s largest companies are evolving at the sales level thanks to video calling in the cloud. Companies are already seeing the possibility of increasing revenues through the use of this type of application. As a result, an increasingly attractive concept for private initiatives is beginning to appear: hybrid sales.

Video calls are ideal for hybrid sales

Hybrid selling is nothing more than a concept that invites to integrate the process of selling to various technologies. Specifically, this practice suggests addressing both telemarketing and the new Internet tools. Before the Internet, distance sales were mostly made by telephone. Subsequently, with the rise of social networks, the telephone was largely abandoned and all efforts began to be invested in cyberspace.

Now marketing aims to use both resources equally, in order to achieve more sales. For the proponents of this vision, the video call in the cloud is an ideal element for the activity of selling. In fact, this trend indicates that companies should not video call their customers only as an emergency solution. The idea is to normalize this type of contact, until it in itself promotes commercial exchange.

The video call has the advantage of bringing a certain presentiality over long distances. This is advantageous, because neither the customer nor the seller has to leave home. And since both see each other’s faces, empathy and emotional connection are more easily achieved. This also fosters a state of trust that is often the trigger for countless sales and successful, long-lasting business relationships.

At Neotel we have a module for video calling in the cloud.

Of course, it is not the same to make a videoconference in the cloud using a social network, than with a business module. At Neotel we offer the WebRTC Line service and an institutional digital environment to make video calls. Seeing that the company has its own implements for communication, the customer will understand that he is talking to professionals and that there is a serious business structure. In fact, this also strengthens trust.

To get the cloud video call and video conferencing module, you only need to pay for the basic virtual PBX service. Otherwise, this and other add-ons are completely free of charge. And if you still do not know what to choose between physical or virtual PBX, the truth is that the latter does not require complicated installations or large investments. Everything is managed from the Internet and the cost of the software is cheap, adjusting to the needs of each entrepreneur. If you are interested, contact us.