Private label PXB Do you want to have your own business?

Creating a business from scratch with a totally original product can take years. On the contrary, establishing a company from previously created, functional and profitable goods or services is an excellent solution to start your own business. This is precisely what Neotel offers with its white label PBX. Entrepreneurs and businessmen have this window of opportunity.

Those who have a minimum investment capital and conditions to offer the service, have in the virtual switchboard an exploitable and interesting product. Those interested will have the best software in the field, as well as the infrastructure of Neotel, a leading company in the market of technological solutions.

What is the white label switchboard


private label pbx

The white label PBX is a commercial line offered by Neotel to entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the business of business communication. Basically, the company offers its virtual switchboard so that others can sell it for a moderate investment. In this way, the entrepreneur can generate profits from our product.

Entrepreneurs who wish to work with the white label PBX will sell the same as Neotel sells, but as if the product were their own. That is, those who enter this line of business will sell the software and other solutions previously created by the company, as if it had been created by them.

In fact, those who enter this business plan will be able to sell our products under their own company name. That is why this program is called «white label»: we provide the product, the system and everything necessary for the entrepreneur to offer it and the brand. Therefore, it is about creating your own company, but with everything ready to operate and sell immediately.

How is the white label switchboard obtained?

With the white label PBX, entrepreneurs acquire the right to sell Neotel products, but under the name of their own company. In this way, their company becomes a firm that provides IP telephony services under its own name, as our company does. The process to opt for this line of business is more or less the following:

Application and investment: The entrepreneur contacts Neotel because he/she is interested in being part of the white label PBX. The amount of investment is set, which is usually very low, so that he/she has the rights to sell the service as if they were his/her own.
Creation of the company: The entrepreneur creates a company legally, with its name and brand elements. It may also happen that the interested parties have a previously registered company. With this they can offer Neotel’s products in the market, without limits and make a total profit from the sales or contracts.
Neotel provides everything necessary to operate: Although the service is sold by the entrepreneur, the entire system is supported by Neotel’s platform and experts. The client will simply be in charge of selling, supported by our software, consulting, technical staff and servers. In case of any doubt, the partner can always count on the company.

Advantages of working with the Neotel white label switchboard

Neotel is a company with twenty years of experience in the field of business technology solutions. Our software manages the communications of thousands of companies in Spain, Europe and also in other continents. Some of the advantages of working with the white label PBX are the following:

High performance software: Our offer in virtual PBX is one of the most complete and recognized in the market. Our software is stable, functional, efficient and this has been proven over the years. Selling this service is a guarantee of good service, which will increase the status of the brand.
Luxury infrastructure: Our software is supported by a high quality infrastructure. Neotel has two database centers with the highest technology and the best experts. We support a product that has no flaws so that entrepreneurs can promote themselves and operate with all the guarantees.
Total profits: Once the investment is made, the profits from the product belong to the new company. The entrepreneur will be able to set his own price or offer his own virtual PBX offer. Neotel delivers the turnkey system and of course, all the necessary technical cooperation.

Best of all, entrepreneurs do not need to have any technical knowledge. All they will do is sell the product as if it were their own, from their own technology solutions company. In the same way, the investors will be able to sell the rest of the special modules of the virtual PBX such as automatic call launchers, the call robot and the rest of the complements that make our virtual PBX the most complete one.