Mobile pbx: attention inside and outside the call center

One of the biggest advantages of the webrtc line and cloud hosted software is mobility. The new technologies used in customer service allow connections at all times. Regardless of the circumstances, an operator can always be available at any time and without major complications.

In traditional call centers, it is common to seek control over schedules, call rates or sales. The goal is to get the most out of operators during the working day.  However, the way of working is changing which also implies a change in strategy and technology.

What is the mobile pbx?

As its name suggests, the mobile switchboard allows you to have all the functions of the softphone on a Smartphone. From it, you can attend and control all calls falling into the call center from a personal computer.

It is basically a matter of integrating the virtual switchboard into the cell phone of the tele-operators. In the case of some companies, it could be considered as a complementary service to the call center software.

If it is necessary to mute a call, make a transfer or put the customer on hold, this configuration will make it possible. Each action can be performed by dialing a short and simple code on the cell phone keypad. The only thing that is done is to link the operator’s mobile equipment to the working extension.

Mobile switchboard: the call center is now remote



mobile pbx Neotel

The labor present is changing for both companies and their workers. New trends and global realities invite employers to consider remote work as an option. Considering this, the mobile switchboard is a competitive solution.

The complication of schedules is being replaced by productivity. With this type of service, tele-operators can respond to customers or make sales at any place or time of day. All data is stored in the same way in the call center software records.

Night shifts can be simplified and even coordinators and company leaders can have their cell phone associated with the terminal. The important thing in any case is to look for a communication company capable of integrating all services.

Analyzing the market options

Not all companies offering call center software have mastered this new service yet. In this case, the right thing to do is to look for companies with experience. The ideal would be to set up the virtual switchboard of the business with a company that also offers the mobile one, as it happens for example with Neotel.

A fully integrated service will allow to carry out all operations with the same phone company. Planning allows for savings and a modern call center department that will be operational 24 hours a day.