Cloud call centers save your company money … And a lot

The call center owners already suffer enough problems with their day to day so it is obvious that the last thing they need is to also deal with technical aspect problems. Therefore have a apartment. Technical Support such as Neotel helps you get rid of these extra head problems. We take care of the operation of your call center so you do not have to.

If you want to save money when setting up a call center make sure you hire the best Telecommunication provider. Why? Because not all companies offer the same degree of customer service.

Saves on IT and hardware

Hiring Neotel’s call center software ensures that if you need to expand or reduce your call center tomorrow, you do not have to wait for days to get it resolved. Just tell us and before you can imagine it will be all solved. And it is that at Neotel we are really fast!

Having a call center in the cloud with us means that your company grows faster, access more customers and all this saving the most money possible. However SMEs do not always have to stay small and your company can grow and report more benefits thanks to our software call center.


Save on internal staff, supplies and physical machinery. With a call center in the cloud you can count on a virtual company where thanks to teleworking it is no longer necessary to hire employees who work physically from the same office, or rent from it. Working from home offers convenience for the virtual assistant while the company saves large amounts of money.


We saved supplies, internal staff and office rental

Call centers in the cloud make it easy to save money. Unlike traditional and old call centers, virtual call centers in the cloud transmit the voice through VoIP, ie the Internet. This is all you need.

We saved hardware costs
Now it is no longer necessary for businesses to continue to feel suffocated more time because of high phone bills that can not be paid. It’s easy to see why every day more companies are moving to the cloud for their call centers.

If you want to save yourself the maximum, hire Neotel that offers you the best rates in call center software in the sector. Your company and your bank account will thank you.

Software call center

Neotel’s call center tools are accessible to all audiences.

Affordable software and unlimited calling

Call now Neotel. We are happy to attend your questions and questions. Start saving money from YA.