Are you ready to save with your Call Center system in the cloud?

Since the arrival of communication systems in the cloud to companies, many call centers are already benefiting from the advantages they bring. In particular, companies that wish to move forward have been the first to adopt call center systems in the cloud. And this technology has been a before and after in the productivity and effectiveness of employees and therefore it is a very profitable investment.

Virtual PBX

  • The ease in terms of mobility that call center systems in the cloud provide since it is not necessary for employees to be physically housed in the same place, giving us a new world of possibilities.
  • The elimination of computer hardware, which with the call center systems in the cloud these disappear, and with it the maintenance costs that reverberated.
  • Agents of call center systems in the cloud can perform more in-depth analysis of calls made. With Neotel CRM, which is easily integrated with the virtual switchboard, call center agents have a 100% functional application with which to write down any data relevant to a particular call or customer, and thus dispose of them in a more organized
  • Call centers in the cloud simplify the dialing, by a simple click, avoiding that agents have to be dialing manually.
  • Agents can be more efficient with customers, by having their work time more productive, thus focusing on offering the highest quality of telephone service.


Neotel CRM

The data does not lie. Companies that already have a call center system in the cloud save money and time from the start.