What do you need to know before hiring IP Telephony?

The best quality of service

VoIP refers to Communications over the Internet, thanks to the protocol that uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. One of the advantages of VoIP Telephony is the reduction in the telephone bill that this entails, since Communications travel through data via the Internet instead of the telephone company’s network.

Understanding the terms is a first step towards advancing the use of this technology

VoIP products replace conventional telephone systems. Discover how Neotel can help users to integrate with the Voice of IP.

When looking for a provider of VoIP telephony, it is essential to look for real customer references beforehand so that we do not have to take a thankless surprise later.

If you are already a user of physical telephone exchanges, contact Neotel now and discover all the advantages of migrating your switchboard to the cloud, that is, the Neotel virtual switchboard.

So if you’ve already heard about VoIP or VoIP before, or if you just want to know in more detail how this technology allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet, or you’re tired of paying high bills to your telephone company for a service medium quality, contact Neotel now. We will answer all your questions, without any commitment for you.