Why contract a service with Virtual Call Recorder Premium?

Having a virtual premium call recorder is essential for some companies. This back up may be a legal requirement for some businesses. Therefore, when contracting a virtual switchboard service it is important to analyze all the benefits offered in the package.

A call center software hosted in the cloud is much more than the possibility of automating the work. The difference lies in the small details, hence the relevance of studying well all the proposals offered by the communications market.

What is a virtual call recorder?

The virtual call recorder has the function of recording and storing all the contacts that occur in a call center. This occurs in an automated way and is usually stored in a physical storage space or the Internet.

Today’s virtual PBXs implement cloud services to store all software data, users, etc. Of course, this storage also includes the record of recorded calls that can be accessed by the contracting call center.

The problem is that not all companies offering the virtual switchboard have the same storage capacity. For many, this is irrelevant, but there are companies that require extensive recording. Among them are banks, insurance companies and telephone services.

Search for a Virtual Premium Call Recorder

premium virtual call recorder


Having a comprehensive or even total record of calls allows companies to cover themselves legally. In some cases, it is possible to detect fraud or suspicious activity. The usefulness of this record will depend largely on the type of business or call center.

Added to this, having the record of calls allows monitoring tasks for the training of operators. The use of this data is fundamental to correct failures in service and improve productivity.

The basic services of recorders are usually limited even in the best service providers. Some don’t even fry it and charge an additional fee for short call storage.

Looking for the best options

The companies that offer the virtual switchboard have different costs and storage capacities. One of the most complete services is that of Neotel with its Premium Virtual Call Recorder. They offer a total record of recordings for the desired time.

The storage capacity provided by this company is one terabyte, equivalent to 27 years of recordings. In any case, the advice is to check out everything that the providers of this type of service offer.